Meadows Financial UK Office Experiences Surge in Western Clientele

Decision to establish UK presence vindicated as new office outperforms all other locations in terms of growth says Meadows Financial.

​​​​Meadows Financial, the Hong Kong, China-based wealth manager, has confirmed that its recently-opened office in the United Kingdom has experienced a surge in newly signed clients, both institutional and private individuals.

The UK office was opened as part of a fresh initiative to capitalize on a significant increase in the number of European-based investors on its client roster.

“We’ve experienced a marked increase in referrals from our European-based clients in the last few years. This is on account of the fact that we’ve been able to maintain consistency in our performance despite various bumps in the road in Asian equities and, clearly, our clients place as much importance on that as they do on the standard of service we deliver,” explained Peter Sinclair who leads global equities management at Meadows Financial.

“The benefits of a London location extend far beyond the city’s close proximity to our continental clients. While that’s always a bonus, the key benefit here is the fact that our European clients are afforded the transparency and investor protection one associates with an advanced financial jurisdiction like London’s when taking advantage of the unfettered access to the exciting emerging market opportunities that Meadows Financial’s name has become synonymous with over the years. Essentially, we’ve added an additional layer of protection for Europeans investing in Asia,” added Sinclair.

Since its inception in 2008, the firm has grown to become one of the leading homegrown investment and wealth management houses in the Asia-Pacific region and has been keen to raise its profile and increase its footprint in the European market. Indeed, much of Meadows Financial’s private client roster is based in Asia – particularly in Hong Kong and Singapore – but a decade of serving the large expatriate community in the region saw it retain many European clients upon their return home.

“The decision to base the office in London has proven prescient; growth in both client numbers and capital inflow have exceeded our expectations by a considerable margin,” explained Meadows Financial’s Executive Director Vincent Tan.

“Though much of the investment world is concerned about London’s role in the financial markets once Britain leaves the European Union, we’re utterly convinced that the city is simply peerless in Europe. Frankfurt has a population of just 300,000 while Paris simply isn’t served by the wealth of expertise to be found in London’s Square Mile,” Tan continued.

Since commencing operations, the office has focused its efforts on generating alpha from active investment in Asian equities including technology IPOs, a sector in which its analysts have gained a solid reputation for shrewd stock-selection.

The office houses a full wealth management consultancy, a comprehensive administrative complement and there are plans for a new in-house research team that could potentially aim to duplicate the success it has enjoyed in Asian equities with European stocks.

Source: Meadows Financial