Meadows Financial Launches New Asian Equity Fund

Leading Asia-based investment and wealth manager, Meadows Financial announces the imminent launch of its first open-ended, Asia-focused equity fund that aims to reward investors with robust medium-term growth.

Meadows Financial, the leading investment and wealth management boutique has announced the debut of its first open-ended equity fund.

Denominated in U.S. dollars, the Meadows Asian Balanced Growth Fund helps investors realize their medium and longer-term investment objectives through a combination of income distribution and capital growth through equity stakes held in dividend-paying and high-growth corporations listed in five emerging Asian markets.

The fund’s holdings are comprised of 30 percent blue-chip, dividend-paying stocks including those of banks, pharmaceuticals, energy and financials; 40 percent mid-capitalized technology and utility corporations and the remaining 30% represented by small-cap technology and life sciences companies that have recently seen their stock listed on public exchanges.

Andrew Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer at Meadows Financial said the firm viewed the new fund as a natural progression that leverages its outstanding record for astute stock selection.

“This fund further solidifies our reputation for selecting performing stocks while enabling clients we may not ordinarily have an opportunity to encounter to benefit from Meadows Financial’s expertise by way of professional introductions.”

“There’s been solid interest from personal financial advisers and feedback from other professionals has been heartening but it’s the reception we’ve had from institutional investors that has been truly astonishing. Pension funds are citing the specific combination of dividend-income and high-growth potential characteristics as being of particular interest and we’re expecting significant capital inflows in the coming weeks and months,” explained Sullivan.

Meadows Financial says the creation of an investment vehicle capable of outperforming the broader indices in both bull and bear markets was its chief priority. The firm’s research shows that dividend-paying stocks helped to mitigate portfolio losses when equities decline and provided an additional lift to total returns when stocks are rising.

“The mid-cap stock components in the fund are there to provide a cushion against the rather more volatile nature of the smaller-cap componentry but they are specifically selected for the solid potential for continuing growth in areas like semiconductors and power generation,” said Sullivan.

As the first foray into equity funds for Meadows Financial, the firm says the management style is based purely on fundamental research applied across the various markets in which the fund’s component stocks trade.

“Naturally, we monitor the fund’s composition carefully – both in terms of the industrial sectors in which fund component stocks operate and in terms of the prevailing macroeconomics at work in each jurisdiction,” concluded Sullivan.

Source: Meadows Financial