Mcmtech's Mission Critical Asset Management Software Eligible for Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program Funds

House Appropriations Committee encourages the use of grant funding for acquisition of software to track and manage resources improving law enforcement preparedness and operational planning.

​Birmingham, Alabama-based Mcmtech (also known as MCM Technology) has announced its software solutions are eligible for purchase using grant funding provided under the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program - commonly known as The Byrne/JAG Program. The Byrne/JAG Program, administered by the Bureau of Justice Assistance within the Department of Justice, is the leading federal source of criminal justice funding to state and local jurisdictions.

The House of Representative’s Fiscal Year 2020 Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies Appropriations bill, which provides funding to the Department of Justice, contains language that supports and encourages “the use of grant funding for the acquisition of operational management software to track mission critical assets.” The language, included in the Committee Report accompanying the bill, further states that “tracking and managing resources, including radio communications equipment, mobile technology, and protective equipment enables and improves local law enforcement preparedness and operational planning. The Committee notes that Byrne/JAG funds may be used for these purposes and encourages the Department to award funds for this purpose.”

Mcmtech develops best in class asset management software solutions enabling its customers to track, manage, and maintain their complex equipment and inventory.  Tom Bartels, Mcmtech’s President & CEO stated, “It should come as no surprise that the Congress supports state and local law enforcement agencies in properly managing and maintaining their vast inventories of mission-critical equipment. The fact that the Appropriations Committee is now encouraging the Department of Justice to award grant funding for these purposes only stands to highlight the efficiencies asset management solutions provide to local law enforcement agencies, potentially freeing up funds for other urgent needs.”

There is a wide range of equipment and inventory as well as consumable and non-consumable items that must be properly managed and maintained to ensure preparedness, efficiency, safety, as well as accountability for use of government funding. Asset management tools must be easy to access, user-friendly, and allow key players in the organization to have the appropriate level of access and permissions to perform their role and responsibility to the mission. Mcmtech’s solutions are web-based and allow for an unlimited number of asset records which means many local government agencies can benefit if grant funds are awarded. Agencies like Public Safety, Emergency Communications, Department of Transportation, EMS, Fire, Parks and Recreation, Animal Control and other volunteer organizations could also benefit.

For additional information on how to go about applying for funding, visit the official Byrne JAG website at

About Mcmtech

Headquartered in Birmingham, AL, Mcmtech’s solutions provide complete life-cycle management of complex, mission critical assets by automating processes for tracking, managing, maintaining, billing, accounting for, and retiring assets. Their technology is being used to track over 2,000,000 assets valued at over $5 billion. Mcmtech has a strong presence in the Federal, State, and Local Government market where solutions like Commshop and Commasset bring an unprecedented level of operational efficiency for customers supporting radio communications evidenced by hundreds of implementations including 18 statewide systems. With over 20 years of experience, Mcmtechoffers Commasset, Commshop, Motiontrack and Motion360 solutions which are geared towards markets such as telecommunications, transportation (airports, port authorities, etc.), utilities, information technology, energy and more.

Press Contact: Jamie LeBeau, Strategic Sales & Marketing Manager 

Source: Mcmtech