McFadyen Digital Launches First Ever Marketplace Maturity Model℠ for Ecommerce Companies at 2019 NRF Big Show

Revolutionary New Maturity Model with Actionable Enablement Steps Provides a Reliable Guide to those Seeking to Implement or Iterate an Online Marketplace

Condensed Marketplace Maturity Model

​​McFadyen Digital, the Ecommerce and Marketplaces leader announced the launch of its industry-first Marketplace Maturity Model℠ at the 2019 NRF Big Show. This exciting new model provides a defined set of five maturity stages, each containing several steps across advisory, technology, and business considerations.

The Marketplace Maturity Model makes it much more straightforward to assess the marketplace readiness of an Ecommerce operator or maturity-level of an existing marketplace operator. In the order of marketplace maturity, The 5 steps are; 1st Party (1P) Ecommerce, Dropship, 3rd Party (3P) Marketplace, Quantitatively Managed, and Optimizing. The model provides a framework or map of the “what” a high-performance commerce operator must do to start and grow their marketplace. 

“The concept of our new Marketplace Maturity Model was born out of conversations with our clients and their desire to have a clear way to plan and continually iterate their online marketplaces,” said Tom McFadyen, President and CEO of McFadyen Digital. “It is our strong belief, based on abundant evidence within the market, that the online marketplace model is the future of Ecommerce. We’re proud to have created this maturity model with actionable maturity steps to help guide marketplace operators on the path to scalable profit.”

McFadyen Digital is the reigning “SI Partner of the Year” for leading online marketplace platform Mirakl and has helped their clients launch major online marketplaces, with Albertsons being the most recent example. The content contained in the Marketplace Maturity model and Marketplace Maturity Steps is based on years of proven success and a demonstrated history of industry expertise.

Stop by booth #1002 at the NRF Big Show to receive a copy of the Marketplace Maturity Model guide, or download the full 24 page guide now.

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McFadyen Digital is a global commerce agency focused on delivering Ecommerce and Online Marketplace strategies, technologies, and ongoing innovation. Our clients seek to delight their customers with innovative digital experiences that drive revenue. We focus on delivering those results on-time and on-budget. With delivery centers in the United States, Brazil, and India, we offer our global clients the competitive advantages of rapid deployment, world-class quality, and reduced costs. We have recruited the highest caliber of staff through offshore channels for 15+ years and have the extensive exposure to this model of business and know how to make agile delivery result in value for our clients. For more information, please visit our website:

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