McFadyen Digital Appoints Peter C. Evans, PhD, as Chief Strategy Officer

Evans Will Lead Strategy Practice, Helping Enterprises and Startups Create, Innovate, and Scale Multi-Vendor Marketplaces

Peter C. Evans, PhD - McFadyen Digital's Chief Strategy Officer

McFadyen Digital, the leading global agency for e-commerce marketplace strategy and implementation, is appointing Peter C. Evans, PhD, as its Chief Strategy Officer. In this role, Evans will be responsible for leading McFadyen's rapidly growing strategic services practice, tasked with helping clients ranging from large global enterprises to well-funded startups with the formation and execution of their multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace strategy.  

Peter Evans has a PhD and MCP from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he also serves as the co-chairman of the MIT Platform Strategy Summit held yearly in Cambridge, MA. This former KPMG principal and GE senior strategy director is also the co-chair of the NTWK Summit in Barcelona, Spain, and a course leader at Caltech Executive Education, teaching digital transformation and platform strategy. Evans is a sought-after speaker on innovation-heavy topics related to Web3 businesses and technologies in addition to his work on the platform economy.  

"Platform dynamics drive the many competitive advantages that marketplaces offer to businesses. Peter is one of the top platform thinkers in the world and his experience advising dozens of Fortune 500 companies is invaluable to our clients," remarked CEO and author Tom McFadyen. "He also brings great insight in Web3 topics like NFT marketplaces, the metaverse, and cryptocurrency."

"I'm excited to be joining McFadyen Digital at a time when a growing number of companies around the world are positioning for the future by investing in marketplace and digital commerce," said Evans. "We've had many successful collaborations in the past and have been mutual admirers of one another's capabilities. I look forward to drawing on McFadyen's deep technical experience to help our clients build winning marketplace strategies."  

By solidifying this key leadership position, McFadyen Digital continues to invest in experienced talent that clients can rely upon to build strategy roadmaps, support complex implementations, and create best-in-class user experiences. As commerce continues to evolve with multi-vendor platforms and Web3 pushing the bounds of innovation forward every day, McFadyen's ability to help its clients deliver measurable, scalable results continues to lead the market. 

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