McEachern High School Student Tyriq Hearst Wins Rena Carter Foundation Scholarship

Rena Carter Foundation Scholarship Winner

​Today, Rena Carter Foundation Executive Director Alisha Thomas Cromartie surprised McEachern High School student Tyriq Hearst with a $1,500.00 check and named him the first recipient and winner of the 2019 Rena Carter Foundation scholarship. Hearst's mother, grandmother and best friend were on hand to celebrate. Hearst competed with students across the state of Georgia to win the scholarship by developing a sustainable financial plan for a recent college graduate. Tyriq Hearst was selected based on his creativity and the sustainability of his plan.

"The minute we opened and reviewed Tyriq's presentation, we knew that he was the winner," said Rena Carter Foundation Executive Director Alisha Thomas Cromartie. "He was creative, his numbers were accurate and he effectively captured the importance of financial literacy in his submission," continued Cromartie. 

Hearst was ecstatic when he realized that he won the scholarship. He will be the first in his family to attend college, and the scholarship will help with some of the financial obligations that students and families face when attending college. "I can't believe that I won," said Hearst. "I spent a couple of days working on the project and I won," continued Hearst.

The Rena Carter Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to disrupt generational poverty through financial literacy and college access for first-generation college students. While the scholarship contest focused on financial literacy, the foundation's mission is also accomplished through social justice, college access and scholarship opportunities.

"The work that the Rena Carter Foundation is leading will make a significant difference in financial literacy among students in Metro-Atlanta," said Stephen J. Alford, President of EDhear. "Their efforts will have a direct, real-world benefit to students and parents," said Alford. 

The Rena Carter Foundation is in the midst of establishing a rich tradition of changing the trajectory of students across the state. Class of 2019 high school students who will be first-generation college students will be celebrated by the foundation on June 3 at Atlanta City Hall. In addition, a host of programs are being developed and planned to disrupt generational poverty. "We launched the foundation to make real change, and that is what we will do for today's youth," said Rena Carter Foundation Founder and Chairman Demetrius Lockett.

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Source: Rena Carter Foundation


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