May is Sexual Harassment Awareness Month: Ask a Lawyer About Your Rights

Strong Advocates, a Los Angeles sexual harassment and employee rights law firm, is answering questions from the public during Sexual Harassment Awareness Month.

What is sexual harassment?

With the advent of the #MeToo Movement, the prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace is no longer a secret. In fact, a study released by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in 2016 revealed that between 25 to 85 percent of women reported experiencing some degree of sexual harassment in the workplace. While awareness of sexual harassment has increased the past year, statistics show that the number of people reporting incidents of sexual harassment are not keeping up. One reason is that many people are not aware of which behaviors are considered illegal.

Strong Advocates seeks to change that.

In an effort to educate the public about sexual harassment, Los Angeles law firm Strong Advocates invites the public to submit questions about sexual harassment on its web site. The Strong Advocates legal team will respond to inquiries on their live blog throughout the month of May. To protect people’s privacy, all questions will be posted anonymously.

“Sexual harassment continues to plague our workplaces. We aim to empower people with knowledge about sexual harassment so that victims can know their rights and take action,” says Strong Advocates’ Executive Director, Betsy Havens. “Hopefully, the anonymous discussion forum we offer during Sexual Harassment Month will help people understand that they are not alone and they are not powerless.”

People are invited to post questions on any aspect of sexual harassment, including legal definitions, laws, inquiries about specific situations and more. There is no cost to post a question or for the legal team at Strong Advocates to respond to it.

To ask a question, visit:

Members of the firm’s legal team will post responses on its website, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

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