Marten Falls First Nation Mining Symposium for Membership

Marten Falls First Nation

On Aug. 8 and 9, 2017, Marten Falls First Nation held the first of its kind Mining Symposium, in Thunder Bay, Ontario for its membership, the traditional land holders in the Ring of Fire. The Symposium provided a venue for the membership to meet the companies conducting mining and exploration activities in the traditional territory of Marten Falls. The format allowed for the presenters to personally discuss and address the issues and concerns of the traditional land holders.

The symposium was deemed a success by both Industry and Marten Falls First Nation. Marten Falls plans to make this an annual, regional event geared toward the traditional land holders and mining companies in the region. Chief Bruce Achneepineskum said, "We hope to provide this regional forum for engagement between mining companies, suppliers and First Nation members that will be used for providing project information and for partnership opportunities between companies and interested First Nations or their members."

Marten Falls First Nation acknowledges the following participants to the first, but not the last, First Nation Mining Symposium:

Aecon, ATCO, Bold Resources, Greenstone Gold, KWG Resources, Noront Resources, and Wabassi Resources.

For further information, please contact:

Chief Bruce Achneepineskum 807-633-7621

Lawrence Baxter 807-630-0769

Qasim Saddique 416-830-6544

Alanna Downey-Baxter 807-630-0769

Source: Marten Falls First Nation