Market Leading Startups and Global Corporations Partner With AMAX for Their Value-Added OEM Services

AMAX, a highly recognized and well-respected provider of OEM Server and Rack Appliance Manufacturing, is privileged to declare that it is the partner of choice for many of Silicon Valley’s finest startups and global corporations. A large portion of their customers are security, cloud, and storage ISVs, but the total computing solutions company also excels with organizations focused on HPC, networking, and AI applications.

AMAX has been at the side of many companies as they have grown from the startup stage to IPO offering, which is made possible due to their ability to equip software innovators with turnkey appliances that they can deploy swiftly with complete confidence. For software companies looking to develop turnkey appliances to accelerate customer adoption and shorten sales cycles, AMAX offers their New Product Introduction (NPI) Program which develops an appliance product that is optimized for performance and life cycle, and can be mass produced at the highest quality across all production runs. With rapid prototyping capabilities, AMAX can produce a custom-built prototype in as little as 30 days to give its partners an unparalleled time to market advantage.

AMAX enabled us to offer system customization through their CTO services to respond quickly and accurately to our requests. We rely on them as a key ingredient of our offering.

Ajay Gulati, CTO, ZeroStack

If the ISV is fortunate to encounter aggressive growth and needs a partner versed in scalability and global distribution, AMAX complements the momentum by being able to easily scale across any production size, as well as provide global manufacturing and logistics due to its multiple global sites. AMAX is extremely familiar with what startups need to be successful, and the speed at which they need them. No other x86 OEM server or rack appliance manufacturer has a stronger reputation for moving efficiently from product design to rapid prototyping to mass production, developing customized programs to support each company’s specific product and business strategies.

In addition to the fact that for nearly 40 years AMAX has been trusted to produce the highest quality, custom-branded servers and rack units due to their stringent, proprietary testing processes, they are often selected by prominent ISVs because of their extensive value-added OEM programs and services:

·         New Product Introduction Program (NPI): The comprehensive, 3-phased NPI program is designed to prepare new products for successful launch and mass production at any scale. AMAX’s partners are carefully guided through the specifications of the design and build phase to ultimately having a tested, validated prototype in their hands in 30 days or less.

·         LimitZer0 Custom Branding Services: Often brand leadership makes all the difference in a competitive software market. AMAX’s custom branding services give products a distinct look and functionality by incorporating custom branding services into their appliance design. Options include customizing the bezel, faceplate, chassis/server case, packaging, badge, label, and cabinets, as well as bezels featuring software integrated touchscreen features.

·         Global, High-Mix Manufacturing: With two additional manufacturing facilities in Ireland and China, connecting startups to their global customer base is something AMAX does seamlessly. By developing and implementing Manufacturing Process Instructions (MPI), AMAX can assure global consistency.  Every location is outfitted identically, follows the same manufacturing protocols, and possesses the same quality expectations. With AMAX, there is a singular contract and centralized point of contact regardless of where the appliance is built.

·         Configure-to-Order (CTO): The CTO program provides a competitive advantage to companies whose product line features a range of appliance models, and to those who desire rapid global deployment of products. Through the CTO program, AMAX can quickly respond to ship requests by configuring the servers or systems per specifications and provide rapid turnaround to ship out within as little as hours or days.

·         Try and Buy Program: AMAX supports the logistics of its partners’ Try and Buy or demo programs, which present a tangible and effective way to increase customer adoption.  AMAX helps ISVs establish the framework, goals, and parameters of the program, and manages the logistics and demo pool by serving as an extension to its partners.

ZeroStack, the creators of an AI-based private cloud platform, recently utilized AMAX’s NPI services, Global OEM Appliance Manufacturing and Logistics, and CTO services to design, distribute, and support a performance-oriented “Cloud-in-a-Box” appliance.

“We needed a customizable platform to meet the varying needs of our customers,” said Ajay Gulati, Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer, and Board Member of ZeroStack. “AMAX enabled us to offer system customization through their CTO services to respond quickly and accurately to our requests. We rely on them as a key ingredient of our offering.”

AMAX's extremely nimble contract appliance manufacturing services can be applied to server appliances through fully integrated racks and clusters (L6 through L12 integration). With an unmatched global supply chain and streamlined logistics that can provide uncomplicated access to EMEA and China, AMAX presents strengths that others simply don’t possess.  To learn more about AMAX and the OEM Appliance Program, please visit or contact AMAX

About AMAX

AMAX is a trusted global leader of built-to-order Data Center, HPC and OEM Solutions. Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Silicon Valley with additional locations in China and Ireland to offer global manufacturing and logistics, AMAX is a full service open-architecture manufacturer specializing in innovative server-to-rack level solutions developed for cloud, security, storage and Big Data applications. To learn more, please visit us at

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