AMAX Announces Newly Refreshed HPC Reference Design Portfolio With Improved Liquid and Immersion Cooling Technology for the Energy Industry

AMAX is proud to announce the unveiling of its newly expanded Reference Design portfolio for the Energy industry as a Silver Sponsor at Rice Energy HPC Conference in Houston, Texas, from Feb. 28-March 2, 2023. AMAX's updated advanced computing solutions incorporate the newest product releases from Intel and NVIDIA, offering the latest technology and best performance in engineering design for leaders in the Energy industry to explore new opportunities in high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. AMAX is further supporting these endeavors with upgraded advanced cooling technology to meet new thermal challenges with a focus on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) and the added benefit of sustainability.

Energy consumption and costs have continued to rise as newer and faster CPUs and GPUs are required for emerging HPC and AI applications. AMAX's updated advanced computing solutions, featuring proprietary cold plate designs and next-generation immersion cooling modifications, meet these challenges to reduce construction costs, lower the total cost of ownership (TCO), and offer a potential power usage effectiveness (PUE) of <1.03. These solutions are tested for safety and allow for the highest compute density with a cooling capacity up to 100 kW/rack to achieve industry-leading energy efficiency and significantly lower cooling costs.

Global trends demand safe and environmentally conscious energy sources requiring petabytes (PB) of data to conduct on-site surveys, performance maintenance, and complex simulations. Advanced computing solutions equipped with superior and reliable cooling technology are becoming increasingly necessary to maximize performance. That's why AMAX offers customizable, advanced cooling rack solutions with a dual-stage liquid cooling system and immersion ready systems to cool down the hottest components to ensure peak performance. 

AMAX's newly refreshed HPC reference design solutions for the Energy industry include:

  • LiquidMax™ Immersion Cooling Turnkey HPC Solutions — Turnkey immersion cooling solutions designed by AMAX provide ample cooling to HPC solutions featuring the latest CPU and GPU offerings that can run up to 400 W per component, tested and validated in our in-house Immersion Cooling Test lab, and backed by full component, system and tank warranty.
  • LiquidMax™ Liquid Cooling GPU Servers for AI & HPC Workloads — Featuring AMAX designed patented cold plates using industrial-grade materials built for durability and high density, featuring up to 8x NVIDIA Data Center GPUs and 400 Gbps NICs.
  • LiquidMax™ Liquid Cooling Data Science Workstations — Suitable for any office or home environment, AMAX workstations offer unrivaled GPU performance without the loud noise (<=55 dB), made possible with liquid cooling technology and proprietary cold plates using industrial-grade material built for durability and high density supporting up to 7x NVIDIA Data Center GPUs and 400 Gbps NICs.
  • LiquidMax™ Liquid Cooling Edge Computing Solutions — Liquid cooled GPU and CPU systems with customized short-depth chassis and single-slot GPU cold plates designed and engineered by AMAX to achieve the highest density in a 4U chassis and a remarkable <=50 dB noise level designed to operate in environmentally harsh environments outside of a typical datacenter.

As a leading provider of advanced computing solutions specializing in AI and HPC use cases with more than 40 years of engineering experience across multiple industries, AMAX encourages conference participants to schedule a meeting to learn more about its innovative liquid and immersion cooling solutions on display. AMAX's advanced, direct-contact cooling AceleMax™ and LiquidMax™ density-optimized servers and workstations maximize performance per watt for improved energy efficiency without scarifying performance, reducing data center costs and improving scalability. 

AMAX operates with utmost corporate responsibility and is backed by numerous ISO certifications as a global manufacturer. Our strong company values provide the best work environment to safely achieve superior quality in every phase of design. For further information on how our reference design solutions can improve performance and reduce energy consumption at scale, contact our team of engineering experts here.

About AMAX

AMAX is a designer and provider of advanced computing solutions. AMAX focuses on artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, high performance computing, and edge computing to provide solutions for the energy, semiconductor, healthcare, federal, security, higher education, and life sciences industries. As an IT infrastructure design company, AMAX offers specialized computing solutions to meet unique application requirements. Optimized solutions are delivered through a quality-first, high-touch, and high-value approach to customer engagement through custom system designs, OEM, and professional services. Our services span the entire solution development process with over 40 years of engineering expertise, design customization, and global manufacturing. For more information about AMAX and our history of award-winning leadership, see our accolades here.

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