Mark Russo and Casey Powell to Attend 2019 Safari Club International for Treasure Investments Corporation

Heroic Bronze Elk

Mark Russo, Founder of Treasure Investments Corporation (TIC) with Casey Powell, CEO will be attending the 2019 Safari Club International Annual Convention in Reno, NV, Jan. 9-12. 

Treasure Investments Corporation (TIC) will be setting up a 20’ X 30’ booth display, larger than last year’s 20’ X 20’. TIC will have on display over 50 bronze and pure silver castings, including a larger than life bronze sculpture of two fighting elk standing over 10’ tall, 20’ in length, and weighing over 3,000 pounds. Also, on display will be a single life-size bronze elk, two sets of life-size bronze eagles, a life-size bronze of a whitetail deer and over 5,000 ounces of pure silver pieces. The silver castings will include a 1,000 troy ounce silver elephant, 1,000 troy ounce silver lion, bull and bear, 1,000 troy ounce silver eagle and pure silver rhino. “We have an amazing location this year and are very excited to attend. The safari club event is always our favorite and the most fun.  Having all the monuments and pure silver pieces should create a good draw for us,” says Russo.

Safari Club International is the world’s largest hunting and sporting exposition. The annual convention draws nearly 50,000 people from all over the world. Safari Club International is not like your normal sportsman shows. Tickets to walk through the doors are over $150.00 each per person, and that’s just to see the booths and exhibits. Clients of the show often spend tens of thousands on goods and products, and in some cases, people will pay millions of dollars at the show.

The Safari Club conference will be the first show of the year for Treasure Investments Corporation. The company plans to attend additional conferences throughout the year. “We are very excited to show off all our newest creations including Stage Coach Gold, a 1/10 scale bronze 1860s Concord stagecoach with a six-horse team created by Laran Ghiglieri, it’s amazing,” says Russo.

About Treasure Investments Corp.          

TIC has a diverse business platform, creating and providing fine art in original sculptures from small desktop images and collectibles to larger-than-life heroic monuments. The company’s master mold collection contains hundreds of original molds from world-famous artists in the United States and Europe. For more information, visit

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