Treasure Investments Corporation DBA Foundry Michelangelo Introduces 'Passion and Performance' at Gordon McCall's Motorworks Revival at the Monterey Jet Center, 4-10 p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019

Foundry Michelangelo Presents: Lorenzo's Horse and Life-Sized Bull

Mark Russo, Founder and Chairman of Treasure Investments Corporation DBA Foundry Michelangelo, has been asked to unveil two sculptures at Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival Event at the Monterey Jet Center. Each represents the magnificence and power of motor cars and jet aircraft on display: Lorenzo’s Horse and Lorenzo’s Bull.

"We will unveil two of Lorenzo Ghiglieri's most powerful and magnificent sculptures.

Mark Russo

Founder & Chairman

Mark explains, “Private jet and fine motor car enthusiasts are certainly not strangers to fine art and undoubtedly will recognize the remarkable artistry in the sculptures provided by Foundry Michelangelo. World-renowned as an artist and sculptor, Lorenzo Ghiglieri, is one of our featured artists. His works are on permanent display in the most prestigious museums and art collections in the world. His work is in the White House, the Vatican, the Kremlin and the Royal Palace in Madrid. His sculptures and paintings have been presented to Ronald Reagan, Al Gore, HM Queen Elizabeth II and Luciano Pavarotti. In the spirit of peace, Lorenzo presented his Holiness Pope John Paul II, the King of Spain, and former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev with his conception of St. Francis of Assisi in bronze.

Therefore, this year for the first time, honored to be part of this elite gathering, Mark announces, “We will unveil two of Lorenzo Ghiglieri’s most powerful and magnificent sculptures. The first one, Lorenzo’s Horse, is a polished stainless steel ten-foot-tall, life-size likeness of “Mambo,” Mr. Ghiglieri’s very own horse.” 

Tragically, many years ago, Mambo was killed at 3 a.m., when he wandered onto the road in front of Lorenzo’s ranch and was struck and killed by a drunk driver. In 1994, after recovering from this very emotional loss, using a photograph he’d once taken of Mambo in that iconic full rearing position, hooves flashing and nostrils flaring, Lorenzo created this magnificent sculpture. It will be unveiled here for the first time and is the first one of 99 Limited Edition series, produced in polished stainless steel. One other very special example will be cast using 37,000 Troy oz. of pure .999 silver. A smaller version of the horse, about three feet in height, cast in bronze and plated in chrome, will also be on display.

The second life-size sculpture on display will be Lorenzo’s Bull, a powerful example, standing just over five feet tall and 10 feet long.  It is currently a work-in-process in clay to be cast in bronze and plated with 24-carat gold. However, a smaller, finished 24-carat gold-plated bronze bull will also be on view.

Other sculptures on display will be additional works by Lorenzo Ghiglieri, including “The Presidential Patriot Silver Edition” cast with 1,000 Troy oz. of pure .999 silver. It depicts the magnificent American Bald Eagle holding Article One of the U.S. Constitution in its talons.

McCall Events, Inc. continues in its 28th year of producing Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival Event at the Monterey Jet Center, the “Kick-Off” party for the world-famous, annual automotive week in Monterey, California. This exclusive event entertains more than 3,000 guests amongst private jets, vintage cars, gourmet food and fine art.

Foundry Michelangelo’s Founder and Chairman Mark Russo, and President and CEO, Casey Powell, and these sculptures will be present at the Jet Center event Wednesday evening, and several others to follow.

The next evening, Foundry Michelangelo will be displaying their sculptures at the Italian Stampede Welcome party, Thursday, 7:30 p.m., at the Portola Hotel & Spa in Monterey. The Italian Stampede celebrates automobiles, its manufacturers and the passions of thousands of like-minded Italian car enthusiasts from all over the world.

And no visit to Monterey Week would be complete without a visit to Concorso Italiano, the world’s largest luxury and exotic Italian Car Show, celebrating all things Italian: fashion, food, wine, cars and sculptures from Foundry Michelangelo, Concorso’s Corporate Pavilion Partner. Visit Mark Russo and Casey Powell at the Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course in Seaside, Saturday, August 17. They will be easy to spot—just look for the magnificent steel rearing horse on display at the crest of the hill alongside the Concorso Italiano’s CI Club Marquee.

About Treasure Investments Corporation DBA Foundry Michelangelo:         

Foundry Michelangelo, “The Source for the world’s greatest fine art masterpieces,” creates original sculptures from small desktop collectibles to larger-than-life heroic monuments cast in bronze, pure silver, gold, resin and steel. The company’s master mold collection contains over 1,800 original molds from world-famous artists, including Frederic Remington, C.M. Russell, Edgar Degas, Auguste Rodin, Ghiglieri, and Michelangelo.

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