Mark McClure To Invest In Sean Salisbury ARP Wave Clinic

Serial entrepreneur and marketing expert Mark McClure, will be providing equity capital for the launch of Sean Salisbury Peak Performance Rehab Centers. The centers will utilize the patented, FDA approved technology of The Arp Wave System

After 15 years, 6,000 clients per year (which includes more than 1,000 of the world's top pro athletes) and a 99% success rate in taking patients from symptomatic to asymptomatic including those confined to wheelchairs, Arp Wave, Inc. has launched its commercial licensing program in North America and is allowing the medical community and select entrepreneurs to license their patented, FDA approved technology and offer this revolutionary treatment to the public. One of the first to be launched will be Sean Salisbury's Peak Performance Rehabilitation Centers, set to open on October 1st of this year in Dallas, Texas.

"Knowing Sean's background as a former NFL quarterback and his outspokenness on player injuries and prevention, I approached him about this technology, about the thousands of people it has helped and where it was going, and thought that it would be a great fit for him from a marketing standpoint. The minute he saw the impact it has had on the lives of others, athletes and everyday people alike, he couldn't agree fast enough," Mark McClure stated. "So we will be opening the first of many of these clinics beginning October 1st here in Dallas, and will look to expand in and around the Metroplex over the coming 18-24 months. I have seen firsthand the positive impact this has had on the lives of people and their families, the surgeries it has eliminated and the people it has allowed to walk again and enjoy life pain free, and we couldn't be more excited in expanding and growing that impact here in Texas."

The ARP Wave is an FDA approved, Class 2 medical device that eliminates pain in the body by allowing the muscles to "fire properly" and absorb force. Hip, back, neck and joint pain is caused by the muscles inability to absorb force which is then transferred to areas that were never meant to absorb force. The ARP Wave System is capable of finding the muscle or muscles that are inflamed and thus not firing properly, get them in balance, eliminate any build up of scar tissue, and transfer this force back onto the supporting muscles. This treatment eliminates pain and stress on joints, ligaments and tendons and more importantly, eliminates the need for drugs and surgery. No more hip, back, neck or joint pain and in most cases eliminates arthritic pain entirely.

The ARP Wave System client list is impressive and includes the Washington Redskins, Carolina Panthers, Seattle Seahawks, LA Clippers, Manchester United, AC Milan to name a few and more than 300+ NFL , 250+ NBA, 350+ NHL and 100+ MLB and professional soccer players from the US and abroad. Other clients include the world's #1 tennis player, Novak Djokovic, Arnold Palmer, Shaquille O'Neal and many more athletes too numerous to mention here.

McClure has stated that they will be donating close to $50,000 in treatments in their first 12 months to individuals living in pain that can't afford proper medical treatment.

"No one should be living in pain, taking drugs or undergoing unnecessary surgeries if they don't have to. Especially if they cannot afford it. We offer a proven alternative that has a 99% track record of success in eliminating pain in the body without surgery and without drugs, and we intend on helping people from all economic backgrounds," McClure ended.

The ARP Wave success stories are vast. Indianapolis Colts All-Pro defensive end, Dwight Freeney, used the ARP Wave system to rapidly recuperate from a grade 3 ankle sprain with torn ligaments over a 10 day period that allowed him to play in Super Bowl 44. Freeney had torn the ligaments and suffered the sprain during the AFC Championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers two weeks prior, but after going on the ARP Wave system almost immediately and receiving the patented treatment, was able to play in the Super Bowl at close to 100% with an MRI that showed complete healing in the ligaments.

Stanley Cup Champion and Vezina Trophy Winner Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins has stated that he as the ARP Wave System to thank for literally saving his career after hip his surgery. He had this to say from the stage and in front of 15 million viewers on national TV upon receiving the Vezina Trophy during the NHL Awards ceremony;

"A year ago I had hip surgery and I didn't know if I would be able to play again at the level I am used to playing. I would like to give a special thanks to Denis Thompson and Jay Schroeder for using the ARP Wave System, for not only the recovery of my hip from the surgery, but also increasing my athletic performance immensely!"

Sean Salisbury's Peak Performance Rehabilitation Center is set to open October 1st in Dallas, Texas, and treatment is covered by insurance or can be paid on a pre-arranged payment schedule through the clinic directly. Treatment will be applied my medical practioners and certified ARP Wave Licensees only.

If you are living in chronic pain, looking to avoid surgery, have limited range of motion or are simply seeking an increase in your overall athletic and/or physical performance, Sean Salisbury's Peak Performance Rehabilitation Center could be the answer.