Maine Lobster Discount Shocks With Low Maine Lobster Prices

Portland, Maine based, Maine Lobster Discount, already known for their low per pound prices have dropped their hardshell lobster prices even further for the Holiday rush. Online consumers are rushing to secure their orders for LIVE Maine Lobsters.

Maine Lobster Discount ( has pleasantly surprised and shocked its customer base by dropping its prices even further this Holiday season, and even coming in as low if not lower then Maine lobstermen themselves.

"While we are already the lowest price or one of the lowest prices on the Internet for fresh, LIVE, Maine lobster, we understand that its a tough time of year for many people so we wanted to make our lobster affordable to as many people as we could. The minute we catch our delicious hardshell lobsters, they are packed up within hours and shipped all over the U.S. to ensure they are fresh each and every time. But for a lot of people the experience of enjoying our Maine lobster has been out reach for them financially, so we wanted to give back and make it as affordable as we could to as many people as we could and that is why we drastically reduced our prices this Holiday season for our LIVE Maine lobsters," stated CFO Paula Wallem.

One special that has shocked the online community is the $29.95 special for two, 1.25lb, LIVE hardshell Maine lobsters.

"Yes, that is a big deal as most other companies are charging anywhere from $55 to $100 and up, so we wanted to come out and make it affordable," Wallem ended.

Located on the Maine Wharf in Portland, Maine, Maine Lobster Discount shares the docks with one of America's top seafood producers, Morrisons Maine Course.

"That's right. The boats pull up to the dock, Morrisons handpicks the finest lobsters for us from the batch and then we ship them to you withing 24 hours. People ask how we can state that we have the freshest LIVE Maine lobsters in America and once I explain that process, they understand.

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