Mark Baratto, Head of Sales at the Wildly Successful Blockchain Shift Conference, Joins the Team Again for a Second Year

Blockchain Shift conference |Mark Baratto

Mark Baratto oversaw all operations and sales for the highly successful Blockchain Shift conference that took place on October 11-12, 2018 at the Mana Convention center; hosting more than 2800 attendees and sponsors including: tZERO, Alchemist, SeriesOne, IBM, Americas Execution, LLC, BitGo, CoinBoost, Securitize, Cohen & Co., Harneys, Empire Asset Management Company, Joseph Gunnar & Co, BBVA and Shutts.

​With Blockchain technology growing rapidly, we the team at Blockchain Shift feel that 2019’s confidence will be even more impactful.

Watch the CNBC Interview of the Blockchain Shift conference here:

Mark Baratto also runs a successful consulting agency that has over 15 years of marketing and sales experience specializing in Psychological based Sales & Marketing, Story Creation, and Customer Acquisition. His expertise lies in understanding people’s psyche, what motivates them, and the behavioral science behind what drives their actions - using 30 years of tested & proven persuasion principles. He provides proven psychological skills that help his clients capture the attention of their dream customer, turning them into life-long raving fans.

When he is not working with international clients, Mark Baratto is Head of Sales at WYSH.AI, the world’s first artificial intelligence-powered messaging, payments and services platform for business that's quick and easy to implement.

Mark Baratto also co-hosts the one of a kind podcast with Movement Arts Specialist Cameron Shayne called The Budokon Mover Podcast:

To contact Mark Baratto for more information, you can email him at, or you can follow him using the links below:

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