Key West Gets a New Voice With the Backyards of Key West Podcast

Backyards of Key West Podcast

Key West’s newest resident, Mark Baratto, hits the ground running… or you could say, talking.

Mark started the local island podcast with the hopes of bringing well-deserved attention to business owners, artists, and creators living here in Key West.

“I’ve been visiting the island for years, and when my family and I decided to move to Key West full time, I wanted to dive headfirst into the community. This place is so magical, and it’s the people that make it this way. It takes a lot of courage to move as far south in the States as you can go, and ‘leave it all behind.’ I want to showcase these people that followed their dreams to create something special down here. I think they are inspirational, and a lot of people can learn from them,” says Mark. 

The Backyards of Key West Podcast airs weekly and can be found on all apps that showcase podcasts, including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher, and more found here.

If tech isn’t your thing, you can even listen right from your computer on their website: 

More on the Backyards of Key West Podcast

As you enter the island of Key West, these words are the first thing you see in big bold letters on the famed ‘Welcome to Key West’ sign.

Whether it be the incredible sunrises or sunsets (we get both here), the charming Conch houses are hidden around every turn, the chickens running wild, the flat ocean for miles or the island feel, it’s the people that make Key West what it is.

If you have ever wondered what people do around here or wanted to know the story behind a restaurant, bar or local business, this is exactly why we started the Backyards of Key West Podcast. We are going to take you behind the scenes, so we can bring you the stories behind what makes Key West so magical, and how they juggle business life with Island life.

So sit back and relax and enjoy the chill vibes!

Media Contact:
Mark Baratto

Source: Backyards of Key West

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