Maritime Documentation Center Expands Layers of Encryption to Protect Applicant Information

U.S.-based Maritime Documentation Center has introduced a new securely-encrypted portal for ship documentation in which all vessel owners in the U.S. can complete simple online forms and documents in a single place for quick registration.  Gone are the days of filing paperwork with DHS, U.S. Customs and the NVDC with fluctuating wait times to be fully-documented and out on the water.

The online service is readily-available around the clock for commercial boaters, yacht owners and recreational boaters alike. The platform is carefully designed to take away from the time and trouble of having to document a vessel each year and having to wait for documentation to come in the mail.  Maritime Documentation Center quickly submits all required documentation to the appropriate office and monitors the status throughout the application process.

Advanced SSL encryption provides for the highest level of encryption for the more than 16 documentation entry forms available on the site.  Any and all sensitive information, such as vessel identifiers, addresses, and payment information are impenetrable to any potential intruders on the dark web. The fee-for-service then files all of the paperwork to the necessary authorities and governmental bodies in a private, expedited fashion.

The types of documentation services available include initial documentation, yearly renewals, abstracts of title, reinstatement, deletions, and change of vessel name and hailing ports. Previously, the documentation process required filing different swaths of paperwork to various agencies, but Maritime Documentation Center has now made the tedious paper shuffle a thing of the past. Users of the site are also able to file their yearly documentation years in advance.

Maritime Documentation Center is a fee for service agency and is not affiliated with the United States Coast Guard or any other governmental body.

For press inquiries, contact: or call (800) 535-8570.

Source: Maritime Documentation Center

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