Maritime Claims on the Rise Despite Safety Efforts

Maritime claims on the increase, according to leading maritime law firm, Crew Advocacy

Crew Advocacy is a leading maritime law firm based in Florida and Miami. This small and dedicated firm is passionate about assisting passengers and crew with their claims from passenger injuries to wage disputes and crew member injuries to sexual assaults and more.
The company has noticed an increase number of claims being submitted through their offices in recent years, despite the fact that cruise companies are putting safety efforts in place to reduce the number of accidents on board.

A spokesperson for Crew Advocacy advised that it's no surprise there are so many claims being filed on an annual basis, when you take into consideration that over twenty million people will take a cruise at some point during any given year. "With the outbreak of the norovirus, crime on board and at port and a number of accidents, the number of claims is a small percentage when compared to the number of passengers using cruise ships as their vacation option each year."

The company has seen a significant increase in claims for the norovirus, which swept through a number of fleets throughout 2013. This virus spread like wildfire between passengers and crew, even though ships took all the necessary steps to avoid it.

According to Crew Advocacy, the norovirus spread with ease by working its way through thousands of people all confined to a small area. It takes one person with the virus to touch something and the next person to come along and touch the same thing and the virus spread.
Other claims were related to crimes on board from petty theft to other claims, which were handled by the company in an effective and quick manner. The company mentioned that not everyone who experienced problems on board have contacted them for assistance, because many passengers are not aware that they have the right to claim once they return back to the United States.

The company also mentioned that they dealt with a large number of injury claims last year, many of which were a result of falling and slips onboard. These ships all take such special care to ensure their passengers safety, but many of the claims were a result of an injury caused while the passenger was taking a shower, slipping in water on the floor.

Crew Advocacy advised that they are expecting another busy year this year even though they know cruise ship companies are constantly improving their safety regulations on board.

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