ManagedMethods Launches Content Filter for School District CIPA and E-Rate Compliance

The cloud security provider aims to make online learning safer and more secure for the world's education sector with a new content filter.

ManagedMethods, a leading provider of cloud security and safety solutions for K-12 school districts, announces the launch of Content Filter, a groundbreaking platform designed to assist districts in achieving compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and E-Rate requirements.

Content Filter is a cloud-based web content filter that empowers districts to easily control the types of online media students can access while logged into their school-provided Google Chrome account. Using cutting-edge AI, the platform operates directly on the browser, ensuring online safety monitoring without slowing down the user experience.

It offers built-in support for over 30 website categories, including over 300,000 websites, and incorporates ManagedMethods' renowned student safety AI model, proactively identifying potential risks such as self-harm, suicide, sexually explicit content, and cyberbullying. Additionally, Content Filter offers assistance in cases of lost or stolen devices. Administrators can easily track a device's last known location, view user accounts that have logged into the device, monitor the installed version of Chrome, and flag the device as lost or stolen, effectively preventing unauthorized usage.

With the increasing reliance on technology and remote learning, K-12 institutions are faced with a growing number of threats from malicious cyber actors, phishing attempts, and inappropriate content. By introducing Content Filter, ManagedMethods aims to enhance student safety, security, and compliance across all aspects of the digital learning environment.

"Our customers have long been asking us to develop a web content filter. They consistently say they love working with ManagedMethods because our cloud security and safety platform is easy-to-use, reliable, and backed by top-notch customer support. We're very excited to announce that, after years of research and development, we can meet this market demand with our cloud-based Content Filter product," said Charlie Sander, CEO, ManagedMethods.


ManagedMethods is dedicated to making online learning safer and more secure for K-12 school districts worldwide. The company's flagship product, Cloud Monitor, serves as a centralized command center for managing cybersecurity and student safety risks across Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Through automated controls, it helps prevent data breaches, account takeovers, ransomware attacks, and phishing attempts while also detecting student safety signals. Additionally, the Content Filter product expands ManagedMethods' comprehensive solution portfolio to cover the online browsing experience, offering a straightforward, affordable, and non-intrusive approach to achieving compliance with CIPA regulations.


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Source: ManagedMethods

About ManagedMethods

The company provides automated controls and a centralized command center for managing Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 cybersecurity to reduce student safety risks and prevent data security breaches, account takeovers, ransomware, and phishing.


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