Mammoth Marketing Travels to Leadership Conference

The Mammoth Marketing team recently attended a high-level industry conference. The firm’s CEO shared some details of the event and discussed her goals for the company moving forward.

“Conferences and other sales and marketing functions are incredibly rich; we always come away from them feeling informed, refreshed, and focused,” said Meghan, the CEO of Mammoth Marketing. “Morale and creativity are enhanced as well. We don’t just learn a lot at these gatherings. We accomplish a lot of networking too.”

Meghan reported that she and her colleagues enjoyed interacting with the best in the business and country. They matched faces with names, having finally met people they’ve only heard about or spoken to over the phone. The Mammoth Marketing associates strengthened relationships that will yield benefits far into the future.

According to Meghan, there was a vast amount of knowledge transfer at the conference. “I greatly improved my interview skills, as well as those pertaining to cycles of development. A rising industry leader who attended the event gave an in-depth talk about how she approaches interviewing. Her methods align well with my personality, and I think it will make the hiring experience easier for me.”

In general, Meghan said there was an astonishing amount of wisdom traded throughout the day-and-a-half conference. Insights on critical conversations, relationship building, and more were given in a great format – and in an environment that was highly conducive to learning. “This experience expanded my resources and allowed me to make amazing connections,” she added. “I met a lot of great people on the regional and national levels, all of whom are willing to help me grow stronger in different areas.”

Mammoth Marketing CEO Sets Goals for Company Success

The Mammoth Marketing CEO thoroughly documented everything she could absorb throughout the course of the conference. Once she returned to the office, she got right to work reading through her notes and identifying goals for her development and the future of the firm. For instance, Meghan intends to solidify her interview abilities and demonstrate her progress through her interview ratio. 

“I also plan to develop a training structure to help new hires develop,” she continued. “By creating a strong cycle of development within myself, I will be able to duplicate it in others so they can grow at appropriate paces. Above all, I will become the best leader possible, and return to Dallas for a future conference in order to be a speaker for others.”

“I’ve happily traveled to many conferences ranging on a variety of topics, and this one was the most intense in terms of the amount of information and time to give it in,” Meghan concluded. “It was a wonderful experience that I will take with me and I’m thankful to have had the opportunity.”

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