Mammoth Marketing Highlights Supportive, Diverse Culture

Mammoth Marketing's Director of Operations discussed the firm's diverse and empowering work culture. A few of the company's brand managers shared details on their backgrounds and professional journeys.

October is International Awareness Month, so Mammoth Marketing leaders are happy to highlight the firm’s diverse and supportive workplace. Meghan, the company’s Director of Operations, explained that her team includes many individuals from different countries. She noted that this is something company leaders take great pride in, as it allows for learning about new cultures and ways of life.

The extensive support and ongoing training team members receive make the Mammoth Marketing work atmosphere especially inspiring. Meghan added that having a broad range of perspectives and backgrounds in the office increases the productivity of their learning efforts. She believes the diversity of the team allows for deeper understanding of the many approaches that can lead to long-term success.

Mammoth Marketing Brand Managers Discuss Their Unique Career Journeys

Several Mammoth Marketing account managers bring unique backstories to their professional pursuits. Ken is from St. Lucy, which is the northernmost parish on the island of Barbados. He explained, “It’s 144 square miles of paradise with a population of 275,000. Being here in the U.S. has been a learning experience, with a potpourri of people, cultures, and experiences enriching my knowledge base.” Ken’s goals are to establish himself in a career that will allow him to provide for his family while maintaining a solid work-life balance. He also wants to contribute to his community as much as possible.

Abeba came to the U.S. in 1983 as a young Ethiopian refugee. She contracted a deadly illness many other refugee children suffered from, and her family arrived in America just in time for her to receive the medical treatment she needed. As the oldest child of a foreign family and a mother, Abeba has always had people depending on her. She explained, “Guiding, helping, and leading people became life for me, which was always good enough until I came to Mammoth Marketing. Since coming here I’ve realized I can continue helping people grow while also advancing toward my own goals.”

With a major ambition of being financially comfortable so that everyone she loves is cared for, Abeba is excited about challenging herself in her career. She remarked, “I understand that our strengths come from our struggles, so I want to be challenged and excited every day. This is exactly what I get from being part of Team Mammoth Marketing.”

Sarangua Purevdori, or Sara, came to the U.S. three years ago from Mongolia. She recently graduated from NAU with a degree in human resources management. Her dream was to come to America and get a quality education, so she now has her sights set on working in the HR field. She stated, “Mongolia is developing, but there isn’t much experience in HR management in its workforce. It’s more important than ever to have qualified human resources professionals, so I’m ready to get to work. The experience I’m gaining with Mammoth Marketing will be a major asset going forward.”

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