Mammoth Marketing Ramps Up Travel Schedule for 2018

Top producers from Mammoth Marketing recently returned from a conference aboard a cruise ship. There was also a weekend retreat in Dallas, Texas, and the firm's Director discussed a few upcoming travel opportunities as well.

“We’ve decided to dub 2018 as the year of travel, not only because of the great trips we’ve just been on, but also because of the places we’ll see,” stated Meghan, the company’s Director of Operations. “Many of our team members have stepped up their games recently, and these travel opportunities are ways of showing how much we appreciate their commitment to the Mammoth Marketing mission and our corporate values. What’s more, these trips provide invaluable chances to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.”

Meghan was especially excited to discuss a very high-profile business trip that she took with Josh. The two spent a week aboard a cruise ship not just as a vacation – there were also a week’s worth of motivational speakers and educational seminars scheduled. This leadership cruise was the ultimate combination of business retreat and relaxing getaway that provided a unique opportunity to work hard and play hard at the same time.

“We traveled from Fort Lauderdale to Princess Cays, in the Bahamas. From there, we went to St. Thomas, and from there to St. Maarten. While we sailed from one port to the next, we listened to speakers like Eric Thomas, Josh Hatch, and Jamal King,” Meghan said. “We made great new friends for us to keep in touch with. It was an unforgettable experience, to be sure.”

Three other Mammoth Marketing high achievers represented the firm at a business event as well. Cory, BJ, and Tyler spent a weekend at a leadership conference in Dallas, Texas, where they participated in workshops, attended keynote seminars, and networked with industry leaders from all over the country. To qualify for this trip, all three individuals were chosen as top leaders by Meghan and other members of the leadership team. 

Upcoming Mammoth Marketing Travel Opportunities

In the next quarter, Meghan has several trips scheduled for Mammoth Marketing’s top producers. Those who qualify might find themselves cross-training in Wyoming or New Mexico, learning operational procedures from leading offices in those regions. Others will receive corporate training in Ohio or Texas, learning about products and companies with which the company partners. 

“There’s also a rest and relaxation retreat coming up later in the year that everyone has on their goal list,” Meghan declared. “Hand-selected brand ambassadors will enjoy some well-earned R&R in an as-yet undisclosed locale. There will be a prestigious awards ceremony and plenty of chances to have some fun in the sun while learning from the best in our industry. We have many miles to travel this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing how these investments in personal and professional growth pay off.”

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