Mammoth Marketing Expands, Pursues Ambitious Goals

Mammoth Marketing's Director of Operations detailed the firm's expansion into a new market and her team members' recent accomplishments. She also discussed the company's core values, future goals, and what makes it a great place to work.

The executive team at Mammoth Marketing is enthusiastic about the company’s expansion into the Colorado market. Meghan, the Director of Operations, explained, “The Colorado market is really unique because it is growing at such a rapid rate. There are 10,000 people moving to the state each month, and that means a lot of opportunity for companies to grow and add talent to their rosters. Mammoth Marketing is also growing at an explosive pace, so we feel this move is an optimal situation for us.”

This expansion effort has been spearheaded by the Director along with Brody and Ian. “We have since grown to a team of 14 people, two of whom were recently promoted to campaign management. We have an array of brands that we represent and we plan to add five new ones by the end of the year. I have no doubt that we will enhance Mammoth Marketing’s influence in the coming weeks and months.”

Mammoth Marketing associates have accomplished some remarkable things in recent weeks. The Director explained, “We have recently expanded to six campaigns running daily, and we have added two new administrators while promoting two campaign managers. Our promotional specialists have already been on four road trips, and I have been invited to Newport Beach, California for the new executives conference.”

Mammoth Marketing Upholds Core Values and Pursues Aggressive Goals

“We have four pillars of ethics here at Mammoth Marketing,” Meghan added. “I think this speaks strongly to how we run our business and how we treat people. Some invest in stocks, bonds, and materials, but I invest in my people and the return on investment is tenfold. The company’s leaders – myself included – value our associates over anything.”

The Director believes the firm’s core values contribute to an empowering work culture that makes Mammoth Marketing an ideal destination for ambitious professionals. “Mammoths represent strength, wisdom, and positivity in many cultures. When they roamed the earth, mammoths were pack animals, and they needed their fellow group members to enforce their strength. Not everyone has what it takes to embody the spirit of a mammoth, but our team members live up to rare standards. For us, like mammoths, we may be mighty on our own, but when a pack of us work together, nothing can stop us!”

Mammoth Marketing’s name also signifies big ambitions, and Meghan has high-minded goals for the near future. She stated, “We are on track to promote four executive managers this year, and we would also like to expand to 12 campaigns and two outlets by the end of the year. I have an extensive business plan and structure designed to get us to our goals. With vision, teamwork, and intensity, I have full confidence that we will realize our aspirations.”

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