Making Waterproof Testing Easier: AmadeTech Introduces New IPX1/2 Drip Testing Equipment

wall-mounted IPX1&IPX2 drip test equipment

AmadeTech, a leading supplier of testing equipment, has recently introduced a new open-type IPX1/2 drip testing equipment that promises to make waterproof testing easier and more convenient for testers.

IPX1/2 waterproof testing equipment is used to test the mild water resistance of electronic devices, medical products, and other products. It is a crucial step in the manufacturing process of products that are exposed to water or moisture in their daily use. The IPX1/2 rating indicates that the device can withstand water dripping vertically onto it at a rate of 1-3mm per minute for 10 minutes.

AmadeTech's new open-type IPX1/2 drip testing equipment comes in two styles: wall-mounted and frame-type. Unlike traditional box-type IPX1/2 drip test devices, the test area of open-type drip testing equipment is not limited by the surrounding box walls and can accept larger and irregularly shaped samples. It is also more convenient for testers to mount and remove samples.

One unique feature of AmadeTech's new testing equipment is that it is equipped with a photoelectric sensing device and the drip box can automatically lift and lower under control so that the drip holes and the top of the sample reaches exactly 200 mm. This distance is required by relevant standards such as IEC60529 and ISO 20653. This greatly saves manual operations. More importantly, its price will be lower and its cost performance will be higher.

However, open-type equipment also has some disadvantages compared to box-type equipment. Firstly, it requires waterproofing of the test site. Ordinary ones without waterproof function can’t accept these devices. Secondly, since the water flows directly to the ground during the test, the test water cannot be recycled, and the water saving performance is not as good as that of box-type equipment. If you are interested, please click Box-type IPX1/2 test device to learn more.

"We are very excited to introduce our new open-type IPX1/2 drip testing equipment," said a spokesperson for AmadeTech. "We believe that this equipment will make waterproof testing easier and more convenient for testers, and help manufacturers worldwide ensure that their products meet the high standards of water resistance."

AmadeTech is committed to providing high-quality testing equipment to its customers, and is constantly innovating and improving its products. Its new open-type IPX1/2 drip testing equipment is just one example of its dedication to meeting the needs of its customers and the industry as a whole. In addition, they can also provide a full range of IP waterproof test apparatuses, such as IPX3/4 water spray test device, IPX5/6 water jet test device, IPX7 water immersion test tank, IPX8 immersion pressure tester, IPX9 high temperature water spray test device.

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