Makeblock Cooperated Rebirthed Radio Shack After It Claimed Bankruptcy Protection on February

RadioShack operated more than 4,000 stores before it filed for bankruptcy. However, there also are about 700 franchised RadioShack stores across the U.S. still operating. This is the second time to cooperate with RadioShack for Makeblock.

#radioshackback is one of the hottest tag shared by celebrities, this isn't the first time RadioShack has used celebrities to generate buzz. During the throes of its financial troubles, the company last year ran ads featuring Weird Al Yankovic. Earlier in 2014, it placed a big bet on a Super Bowl ad featuring once-prominent stars from the '80s.

Because the online store is unavailable to shop, there are many buyers presumed that Radio Shack is no more running. However, the company reached a deal with Standard General in April, through which the hedge fund acquired the inventory and assumed the leases of 1,743 RadioShack stores and exited bankruptcy as a new, separate company. Then in May, Standard General paid $26.2 million for the rights to RadioShack's name.

For Makeblock, the biggest online robot building platform in China to provide mechanical parts, electronic modules and software, this is the second time to cooperate with this American chain of wireless and electronics stores with $2.5 million order last year. Though Makeblock is just a start-up company in 2014, Radio Shack showed the highest interests to this small potential company. “Thanks to Radio Shack order, Makeblock survives from thousands of start-up hardware companies”, Makeblock sales manager Tony Chen said.

Therefore, when Radio Shack (Chinese office) shows interests on mBot, the best-seller on Maker Faire New York 2015, which is the STEM educational robot for kids to learn programming, electronics and more, Makeblock decides to hold hands with this old friends again. Though the first order is only for mBot, the order is not big than last one, that would be a new start for both Radio Shack and Makeblock.


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