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Virtually Maker Faire is a 24-hour schedule of online sessions and a curated collection of maker projects, many of them developed in response to Covid-19. This event celebrates what ordinary people can do to respond to the challenges we face due to the pandemic. We call them DIY Heroes.

​​​​​​​​Around the world, makers have been rallying, rising up to solve shortages in medical supplies and equipment, turning makerspaces into micro-factories, creating self-organized community networks, and developing clever distribution strategies. At the first Virtually Maker Faire on May 23, makers representing 25 countries will share over 350 presentations, demonstrations, and online project exhibits. Programming is curated into five tracks: Community Organizing, Learning & Teaching, Re-Thinking the Future, Design & Production, and Making.

Virtually Maker Faire is a stage for makers to connect, share, and learn with each other and a broader public, especially since Maker Faires have been canceled since the onset of COVID-19. Nonetheless, the community fostered by Maker Faire has sprung into action, using their skills and talents to solve for human needs.

Our greater goal is that more and more people acquire the skills and the mindset of makers to be capable and productive, which makes us more resilient as a society,” said Dale Dougherty, Founder and President of Make Community, which produces Maker Faire and Make: magazine. “By doing Maker Faire online, we can connect more makers and reach more people through our event.”

Program Highlights:

Gui Cavalcanti, founder and co-CEO of Open Source Medical Supplies, will talk about the role of Open Source in the pandemic and how their group documented the global fabrication of over 7 million units of personal protective equipment, medical and community supplies. Session information.

Josef Prusa of Prusa Research, a company in Prague that develops 3D printers, will talk about the importance of 3D printing in creating PPE in response to COVID-19. Prusa designed the Prusa Face Shield, one of the first designs to be widely replicated on 3D printers around the world. Session information.

From Italy, hear from TechForCare: an open-source support platform created for the pandemic, jointly developed by I-RIM (Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines) and Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition. Session information

Sarah Miller of Artisan’s Asylum shows how they are making isolation gowns for Boston-area hospitals. This is a HOW-TO session meant to help other makerspaces apply the same designs and processes as those used at Artisan’s Asylum. Session information.

Make: magazine Executive Editor Mike Senese interviews creators from Make:’s latest issue featuring “DIY Heroes” and their response as Makers to COVID-19 in their community.

VentilatorProject.Org, a group of volunteer community members, refurbished sleep apnea (CPAP) and BiPAP machines as a critical strategy solution for hospitals treating patients affected by COVID-19. Session information.

Learn how makers in China are working together to fight COVID-19. Organized by x.factory, a makerspace in Shenzhen, China. Session information.

Tanzania’s Dar Es Salaam Institute of Technology will present how they created an organic network of organizations who had access to 3D printers and worked together to produce PPE. Session information.

Colorado’s Maker Response team will share how to set up a distributed network in your community. Session information.

Hear from makers in Spain and learn how they overcame supply chain challenges. Session information.

Young Maker Ryan Levy shows how to make Arduino smart glasses with a temperature sensor. Session information.

Makers in Germany will be looking to the future, discussing how makers can structure and prepare for similar crises. Session information.

More information and a complete schedule can be found here.

About Make: Community

Make: Community, producer of Make: magazine and Maker Faire, has been a catalyst for the global maker movement that is transforming the ways we learn, earn, and live in the 21st century. Our mission is to share the know-how of makers and showcase their projects online, in print, and through live events such as Maker Faire. Improving collaboration on projects will expand the capabilities of what people can produce and what problems they can solve.  

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