Make: Partners With Newsweek to Launch 'Best Maker School' Series

Best Maker Schools of 2021

Make:, in association with Newsweek, is publishing the inaugural Best Maker Schools in Higher Education. Nominated by Make:'s global community of makers, Maker Faire leaders, and educators, we've identified 200 great maker schools — powerhouse universities with vast resources, lesser-known schools with excellent programs, and standout community colleges, vocational, and trade schools. "Increasingly, makerspaces are seen as essential for students, and not just as an amenity, but for creating a pathway for developing the skills and mindset of the next generation of innovators," said Make: founder Dale Dougherty. 

At maker schools, students discover "learning by doing" through hands-on projects, potentially turning ideas into products or services. Often a makerspace provides an opportunity for interdisciplinary learning, bringing together teams of students with different backgrounds and skills to solve real-world problems. "Impressed by what these innovative programs achieve, we set out to highlight the universities, community, and junior colleges, vocational and trade schools that bear the hallmarks of the growing maker movement," said Newsweek Global Editor-in-Chief Nancy Cooper. These are the schools where the next generation comes to innovate and grow, and recruiters come to hire. 

To build this comprehensive list, Make: engaged its unique network of makers and educators in the U.S. and worldwide — a network that grew from 15 years of Maker Faires, Make: magazine, and the Make: Education Forum. The selection of nominees is non-biased. Make: is a community of makers of all types and levels, from self-taught inventors and rank beginners to Ph.D. engineers and entrepreneurs. Join us this fall at the Make: Education Forum for a comprehensive overview of the survey findings.

See full list here.

About Make:

Make: has been a vanguard of the worldwide maker movement through Make: magazine and Make: books for over 15 years and through a global network of Maker Faires. Make: has two goals: to increase the number of people exposed to making and becoming makers, and share the wide variety of projects that makers create and show their contribution to our society. Make: believes it is essential to provide more youth access to the tools, materials, concepts, and support to grow as makers through formal and informal learning opportunities in their local communities. Making empowers people to solve real-world problems and develop their voices and skills. Making creates a more highly skilled workforce ready for the 21st century. 

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Newsweek is the modern global digital news organization built around the iconic 85-year-old American magazine. Newsweek reaches more than 30 million people each month across a dozen print and digital platforms. Headquartered in New York City, Newsweek also publishes international editions in EMEA and Asia.

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