"Major Blinds": Privacy and Security Provided With Use of a Remote Control

​Window treatments vary from home to home but one common need is to prevent those driving past or those spectators walking past from seeing inside. This new line of blinds is fully functional and will be appreciated by all users. Major Blinds is a line of window blinds manufactured of a tinted, UV-resistant material and a degree of tint. They are operated via a handheld remote control, computer, or smartphone. The design intent is to provide consumers with an easy and convenient means of opening and closing their blinds adjusting the degree of tint on the surface of the blinds to facilitate optimal comfort and an unfettered view of the outdoors while preventing others from seeing inside.

Major Blinds with either vertical or horizontal slats are manufactured of a lightweight, UV-resistant plexiglass, glass, vinyl, plastic or comparable, clear, tinted material. The tinted material is configured so the surface of the blinds is see-thru when fully closed yet the exterior of the blinds obstructs views of the interior. Major Blinds provide an unfettered view of the outdoors even when the blinds are closed protecting the user's privacy and personal security. The tint offered in the Major Blinds line includes standard adjustable window tint or the see-through tint can be made available in a variety of colors to complement various home decors. This tint is fully adjustable, with varying degrees of tint ranging from lightest to darkest modified via remote control. This same remote also serves to control the movement of the blinds. Major Blinds are connected to an electronic motor that adjusts the positioning of the blinds, on demand, by remote control. Major Blinds features an electronic receiver circuit, along with a tuned frequency necessary for the remote operation of the window blinds. The rectangular remote is comparable in size to a standard television remote control device. Located on the front of the remote is a simple on/off switch and directional buttons for use in raising, lowering and opening and closing the blinds. Operational settings would also be included for controlling the degree of tint of the individual blind slats. The remote can be battery powered or rechargeable. A designated software application enables the user to control the Major Blinds through their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Major Blinds.
The Patent Pending Major Blinds was invented by Olayinka Adebiyi of Bloomfield, NJ who said, “Security is a vital component of safety in one’s home and Major Blinds provides security in the one-way see-through blinds, keeping out harsh sunlight but still allow the user to see outdoors even with the blinds closed. It is just like a one-way window and there are no strings for kids or pets to get tangled in. Major Blinds work!”

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