Magniflex Leads the Way as an Environmentally Conscious Manufacturer.

From solar panels and vacuum packaging to the OEKO-TEX® certification, Magniflex has become the leader of eco-friendly mattress production.

Ever since they began operation, Magniflex has taken a firm stance on their environmental initiative. In 1986, Magniflex patented the vacuum pack technology which quickly became one of the most innovative packaging and shipping techniques in the mattress industry. The vacuum pack allows mattress manufacturers to reduce the size of their mattress by 90 percent, saving space in their trucks and lorries and increasing the number of mattresses shipped per trip. Magniflex is now able to deliver 13 mattresses in a space that could originally only hold three mattresses using traditional methods. This innovative technology ensures less trucks are on the road, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions.  This technology has been emulated by many mattress competitors in the industry today. 

To continue their environmental initiative, Magniflex has installed solar panels on their warehouse to add to their reduction of CO2 emissions. These high-tech, photo-voltaic solar panels amount to nearly 22 percent of the warehouse's production power. Magniflex President, Marco Magni, said it best, "We can now produce a Magniflex mattress with less energy than it takes to bake a cake." On top of this, Magniflex has also earned the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification which ensures that their mattresses are free from toxic substances that may be harmful to humans or the environment.

The Toscana mattress line is an excellent example of Magniflex's continued environmental initiative. The Toscana mattress collection combines the support of Memoform with eco-friendly fabrics and materials to create the perfect option for those who prefer a natural alternative without giving up anything in terms of comfort.

Magniflex has uniquely positioned itself as the preeminent leader in eco-conscious mattress production. Their continued success is the result of a passion for comfort and environmental sustainability.

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