Magniflex Continues Their Innovative Mattress Production With the Rinnova Collection

The Rinnova collection consists of Magniflex's signature dual core technology, Celliant® fabric and Aquabreeze®.

Magniflex will unveil the Rinnova collection at the upcoming Las Vegas Market.  The Rinnova collection was created with unique Magniflex technologies, both old and new.  Dual core technology is one of Magniflex’s most notable innovations and can be found in both models of the Rinnova collection.  Dual-core technology consists of two mattress cores, each side with a different comfort level.  Individuals can easily adjust the comfort level by simply unzipping the mattress cover and flipping one or both of the mattress cores.  In addition, the Rinnova collection also contains Celliant® fabric and Aquabreeze®, both of which are ideal materials for manufacturing superior sleep products.

Celliant® fabric consists of a proprietary mineral composition that is embedded into the core of the yarn and converts body heat into infrared energy.  The components of the mineral matrix were selected by scientists for their thermo-reacting capabilities which helps maintain a temperature-regulated micro-climate throughout the night.  The Celliant® fabric has been proven to help you fall asleep faster, regulate your body temperature throughout the night, and increase oxygen levels and blood flow for a more rejuvenating rest.  Celliant® fabric is a high performance material that helps makes the Rinnova collection one of a kind.

The Rinnova collection also contains Aquabreeze®, an elastic foam that has an open-cell structure for increased air circulation and helps dissipate heat throughout the night.  The Aquabreeze® also provides a plush & extremely cozy sleep surface using high-density material for enhanced comfort and durability. 

The Rinnova collection is comprised of innovative sleep technologies and refined craftsmanship, all typical qualities of all Magniflex mattresses.  With the addition of cutting edge fabrics and materials, the Rinnova collection is sure to leave its mark at the Las Vegas Market.  ​


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Source: Magniflex USA Ltd.

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