Magni Smartech is the Future of Sleep, Combining Superior Comfort with Innovative Sleep Technology

Smartech analyzes and records data while you sleep to provide valuable insight and recommendations that improve your sleep over time.

Magni Smartech is an innovative, integrated sleep system designed by Magniflex that records and analyzes data about you and your environment while you sleep.  The Magni Smartech has several patents pending but it is the only sleep technology that monitors your sleep and the sleep of your partner in real time.  A control unit processes the collected data, which can be displayed either on your smart phone App or on the Smartech website.

The Smartech sleep system combines an adjustable base, a mattress and Magniflex’s proprietary sleep technology that through a large number of sensors records a wide variety of data on you and the environment such as the time you wake up, the hours slept, your average heart rate and its fluctuations throughout the night, your average respiratory frequency, the brightness and noise level in your bedroom, and so on.

The state-of-the-art mattress included in the Magni Smartech comes with a removable topper and has a variety of comfort inserts for both sleep partners for those who prefer the feel of memory foam, gel foam or latex.  Magni Smartech is also Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified against the presence of harmful off-gassing or VOCs.

Much like the mattress, the split adjustable base also comes with several unique features.  The adjustable base has three different “soft” wake up settings, including an option to have the mattress slowly raise your head and simultaneously give you a massage while gradual LED light shines from the bottom.  The lighting can be adjusted to several different types of colors and intensities to accommodate your individual preference.  The adjustable base included in the Magni Smartech also includes preset configurations that offer the following positions with the click of a button: Zero Gravity (optimizes muscular tension), Raised Leg Relief (improves blood circulation in the legs), and Reading (best position for reading).

The most unique feature of the Magni Smartech is the anti-snore function, which automatically recognizes when a sleeper is snoring, changes the bed position until the snoring is gone, then goes back to its original position once the snoring has stopped.  This feature is revolutionary because it doesn’t require the snorer’s partner to wake up and manually activate the function.  The feature is automatically engaged once the snoring has been recognized.

Magniflex believes the most advanced sleep experience is born from forward thinking without ever forgetting about the past.  The Magni Smartech is the perfect example of this belief.

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