Magical Lipsticks by Blush & Whimsy to Be Included in 'Everyone Wins' Nominee Gift Bag on Hollywood's Biggest Night

Blush & Whimsy is a New Mexico startup creating beautiful products straight out of a fairy tale

Blush & Whimsy color-changing lipsticks

Blush & Whimsy is thrilled to announce that it has been chosen to gift notable film nominees with its signature color-changing lipsticks. This year’s Oscar nominees for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Director will receive fabulous swag bags filled with luxurious products, including Blush & Whimsy lipsticks. The Academy Awards, hosted by comedian Jimmy Kimmel, will be held on March 4, 2018.

Oscar nominees will have the opportunity to try out Blush & Whimsy utterly magical lipsticks. The lipstick line changes color based on the pH and temperature of an individual's skin for a shade that is uniquely theirs. The FDA-approved lipsticks — which are not tested on animals — are made with luxurious ingredients such as cocoa butter, botanical extracts and lavender oil. 

For us, the true 'magic' of Blush & Whimsy is in this company's commitment to empowering people with disabilities. We applaud Micaela's business sense, and we're proud our network can support this innovative startup as we build an Inclusion Economy.™

Steve Soroka, SourceAmerica President and CEO

Blush & Whimsy lipsticks are like something out of a fairytale. The lipsticks are gorgeously packed and using their exclusive LipGlass technology, Blush & Whimsy each contain a lovely real flower.

“We believe that everyone is beautiful, and it’s celebrating what makes us different that we can redefine what true beauty is,” says Micaela Brown, founder and chief inspiration officer of Blush & Whimsy. “We’re honored that Oscar nominees will experience the magic of our lipsticks for themselves.”

The gift bags are sponsored by SourceAmerica, a national nonprofit leader in creating employment opportunities and choices for people with disabilities. The bags were packaged by employees of SourceAmerica member nonprofit Adelante Development Center in Albuquerque.

“For us, the true ‘magic’ of Blush & Whimsy is in this company’s commitment to empowering people with disabilities,” said SourceAmerica President and CEO Steve Soroka. “We applaud Micaela’s business sense, and we’re proud our network can support this innovative startup as we build an Inclusion Economy.™”

Blush & Whimsy was established to celebrate each individual and empower people to be who they are. More information about the company along with Blush & Whimsy’s complete catalog is available at

About Blush & Whimsy

Founded in 2016 by Micaela Brown, Blush & Whimsy is a New Mexico startup offering their first product line — a color-changing lipstick that interacts with the pH and temperature of each individual’s lips to create a pink that is uniquely theirs. The company can be followed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @BlushWhimsy.

The “Everyone Wins” Nominee Gift Bags are not affiliated in any way with the OSCARS or the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. A.M.P.A.S. does not award, sponsor, endorse, or provide these Gift Bags. Neither the Academy nor Distinctive Assets wants there to be any association in the media between the “Everyone Wins” Gift Bags and the OSCARS or the Academy.

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Established in 1974, SourceAmerica creates job opportunities for a skilled and dedicated workforce of people with significant disabilities. SourceAmerica is the vital link between the federal government and private sector organizations that procure the products and services provided by this exceptional workforce via a network of more than 800 community-based nonprofits. Headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, SourceAmerica provides its nonprofit agency network with business development, contract management, legislative and regulatory assistance, communications and public relations materials, information technology support, engineering and technical assistance, and extensive professional training needed for successful nonprofit management.

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