Magical Guizhou: Fascinating Eating Customs and Traditions

In Guizhou, food is so much more than a sensation on the tastebuds

Guizhou has two types of sour soup - white sour soup and red sour soup. If the white sour soup makes the best duo with beef, then the red sour soup is a perfect match for fish. To let more people know about China's Guizhou Province, the People's Daily Online West USA Inc specially launched the "Magic Guizhou" series.

The fog is starting to fade in the early hours of the morning. Wang Qihong and his wife, who live right next to Leigong Mountain, are already up and heading to the rice paddies with their baskets. They are going to catch some fish with their bare hands, a skill of the Miao people. The fish, which live in the rice paddies and feed on the rice flowers, are known for their fragrant flesh with a rich texture. Paired with the tomato-based red sour soup, the fish's flavor is elevated to near perfection. As soon as the thick and juicy fish slices completely absorb the flavor-packed soup, it is the best time to enjoy it. Served directly in the boiling hot soup, this dish is a household name is Guizhou — Sour Soup Fish, or Suantangyu in Chinese.

The endless rice fields stretch across Guizhou, contouring the province's glorious natural landscape.

Endless rice fields stretch across Guizhou, contouring the province's glorious natural landscape. Naturally, rice is an essential part of Guizhou's food culture. The golden hulls are now being removed from the rice inside the stone grinder. Starting from here, the rice grains will turn into a variety of dishes. In Dong cultural custom, the morning starts with a bowl of aromatic oil tea. And the very essence is the chewy rice crunch served together with the drink. The Buyi people use rice and natural plant-based dyes in a dish called Five-Color Rice, giving this everyday ingredient a poetic, larger-than-life touch. On Chinese New Year or any other major holiday, the steaming-hot "Ciba" rice cake is a must-have dessert on the table. In addition, rice noodles are also a popular dish available on every single street often served as a hearty breakfast.

In Guizhou, food is so much more than a sensation on the tastebuds. Here, food is the embodiment of culture and emotions. The slightly bitter "Baicao" Soup added into the hotpot is probably the physical manifestation of the powerful spiritual bond between the Miao people and nature. The diverse fillings and complex wrapping technique of Siwawa, also perfectly illustrate how seriously people take their food here. Food is for the body. How it is prepared is culture. Here in Guizhou, food carries a cultural legacy. 

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