Magical Guizhou: A Hot Spring Culture Abounding for More Than 400 Years

Travelers are invited to come to Guizhou to enjoy a warm winter in the steaming hot springs

Nothing beats a steaming hot bath on a cold winter day. Located in Southwest China, Guizhou is the kingdom of sedimentary rocks and karst landscapes recognized by geologists around the world. To let more people know about China's Guizhou Province, the People's Daily Online West USA Inc specially launched the "Magic Guizhou" series.

Its unique and complex geological features contribute to a very favorable hydrogeological condition for the formation and storage of hot springs. There are over 200 hot spring resources distributed in the province. 

Shiqian Hot Spring

A historic hot spring has quietly sat on the bank of the Longchuan River for centuries, quietly existing alongside the changes and transformations the world underwent over time. Shiqian Hot Spring is one of China's oldest hot springs. The construction of the facility began during the 34th year under the rule of Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty (1606 AD). The hot spring has over 400 years of history and is the only natural mineral hot spring in China that can be used for both bathing and drinking.  

A "secret paradise on earth" is hiding at the tip of the magnificent peak of Foding Mountain, which is 1,869 meters above sea level. There is a small town with a tranquil natural environment and gentle spring water. The hot spring resort was created based on the National 5-Star Hot Spring standards, providing visitors with over 40 hot spring ponds in different styles inside the forest. 

Jianhe Hot Spring 

The goddess Yang Asha, venerated by the Miao people, was born in Jianhe. Her hometown is endowed with a unique atmosphere of tenderness and romanticism thanks to its hot springs.

Jianhe Hot Spring is a natural mineral thermal spring with a flow rate of over 5,000 tons per day at 50℃. Jianhe Hot Spring is also renowned as the "Holy Water of Miao Village." 
In Jianhe Hot Spring Town, the hot spring culture is infused with the unique cultural elements from the Miao and Dong cultures through the architectural style of the traditional blue brick walls and wooden corridors.

Sinan Hot Spring

"Watch over the ancient town and Wujiang River from the mountain top, where we bathe in the holy water under the endless skies" — these are the words of a poet to describe this place of rest and beauty. Using hot springs to promote wellness has been an idea passed down from ancient times. The Cliff Hot Spring, especially, will be a thrilling experience visitors do not want to miss. 

In addition to Shiqian Hot Spring, Jianhe Hot Spring, and Sinan Hot Spring, there are many more hot spring spots distributed all over the magical land of Guizhou, including Xifeng Hot Spring and Wanxiang Hot Spring. Together, they contribute to a traveling route that covers eight major hot spring destinations in total. These natural endowments have helped Guizhou to lay a solid foundation for becoming a "national hot spring province" and developing the hot spring tourism industry. 

Travelers are invited to come to Guizhou to enjoy a warm winter in the steaming hot springs.

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