Magical Guizhou: A Holy Land of Ice and Snow at Low Latitudes

With marvelous mountains and unique climate conditions, Guizhou has become the nation's go-to winter sports destination.

Although there are geological wonders of many kinds, Guizhou is unique in its proportions. As the saying goes, "Eighty percent mountains, ten percent water, and ten percent arable land" and Guizhou truly lives up to its reputation as "the Kingdom of Mountains". With an elevation of 2,200 meters, the Wumeng Mountains are the tallest among the mountain ranges, and are known as the "Roof of Guizhou". To let more people know about China's Guizhou Province, the People's Daily Online West USA Inc. specially launched the "Magic Guizhou" series.

Due to the high altitude, the Wumeng Mountain range is the first place to encounter winter. As the first snow of winter falls, the branches of the trees become elegantly embellished with glistening rime ice. Glacier waterfalls hang from cliffs, the sky is vast, and wherever eyes look, thousands of peaks are quiet and all the valleys are silent. With the arrival of snow sports, silence in winter was broken. Now, people from everywhere are coming to this place to embark on a winter adventure in the snow.

At 26 degrees north latitude, the sub-plateau features both low latitudes and high altitudes, and with a humid subtropical monsoon climate, Liupanshui City in Guizhou is a unique phenomenon. It is blessed with moderate summers with an average temperature of 19℃ and unlimited potential for snow sports in the winter. The snow and ice here can last as long as two months, which is suitable for alpine skiing. Meihuashan International Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in Southwest China.

Enjoy the thrills on your way down and the beautiful view of snow on your way up.

In Yushe, white is no longer the only color of snow. The resort here has created a type of pink snowflake, sprinkling a dab of blushing romanticism on top of the pure-white ski venue every day.

In Guiyang, located in the hinterland of central Guizhou, visitors don't need to travel far for skiing, either. Every winter, Gaopo Yunding also offers a great ski destination, where they can enjoy the thrill of sliding down from the very peak of a mountain. The ski resort takes up a vast area of 32 hectares, which enables a large crowd of visitors to ski freely on its premises. People ski freely and enjoy time speeding through the snowfields.

The beautiful scenery of the mountains and the unique climate make Guizhou a snow and ice sanctuary for winter skiing.

With marvelous mountains and unique climate conditions, Guizhou has become the nation's go-to winter sports destination. Guizhou in winter offers a special style and charm.

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