MACE Virtual Labs Partners With ManageXR to Enable XR at Scale

MACE Virtual Labs and ManageXR Work Together to Provide Turnkey XR Enterprise Solutions That Can Scale Seamlessly.

VR and AR expert solutions provider, MACE Virtual Labs teamed up with ManageXR, a VR and AR device management platform, to provide a solution for enterprises looking to scale their XR efforts.

The primary distributor and reseller of Pico hardware, MACE Virtual Labs caught the attention of ManageXR who is partnered with Pico Interactive and pre-loaded on their devices. This means ManageXR is already installed, so users are just one step away from activating their hardware after receiving it.

By partnering, ManageXR and MACE Virtual Labs can provide full solutions to end-users immediately-a game-changer for enterprises looking to scale XR quickly. This is especially exciting in an industry that still has a lot of unknowns-businesses know they should invest in VR and AR but there are a lot of different components that go into that: purchasing and provisioning hardware, licensing content, and remotely managing devices in the field. With this partnership, organizations have only one place they need to go to have their questions answered and problems solved.

ManageXR CEO and Founder, Luke Wilson said, "Working with MACE is exciting because they provide businesses a one-stop-shop for XR. They are a key player in the US market, bringing together the hardware, software, and now, the management, to create full-fledged XR solutions. It was a no-brainer to team up to bring even more value to these turnkey offerings that MACE can provide." 

About ManageXR 

ManageXR solves the challenge of working with XR at scale. Whether you are managing one device or thousands, ManageXR enables users to distribute content, customize the user experience, maintain security, and troubleshoot devices, all in just a few clicks. ManageXR is based in San Francisco, California. For more information or to schedule a ManageXR demo, visit

Connect with ManageXR on LinkedIn and our website.

About MACE

MACE Virtual Labs is a team of authoritative VR and AR experts that curate the breadth and depth of immersive technology to provide turnkey commercial solutions for customers in training, government, research, medical, and entertainment. MACE Virtual Lab sells individual products and complete solution packages. They are the one-stop shop for commercial VR and AR solutions, from trial programs all the way up to scalable enterprise solutions. To learn more about MACE VL visit Connect with MACE Virtual Labs on LinkedIn and our website.

Edgar Acosta, Managing Partner
MACE Virtual Labs

Source: MACE Virtual Labs