M-Connect Media Launches Part Finder Extension for Magento 2

Get the apt components with the help of filters like year/make/model or relevant ones depending on the industry.

M-Connect Part Finder Extension for Magento 2

M-Connect Media, the company that offers Magento Solutions, has launched a new extension for Magento 2 in the form of the Part Finder. The extension facilitates the customers to find the products with minimum effort. A feature that comes along with this extension is that one can display the part finder on the web page itself or as a part of categories in the drop down menu on the web pages.

Majority of the products come in with specific characteristics to which the customers pay a lot of attention. An advanced search option would definitely help find the products very easily in the website.  For instance, if one owns an auto parts store online, a Magento store at that, one needs to choose the year of production, make and model of the car.

In case the e-commerce store specializes in selling phone batteries, one needs to search the phones easily by the manufacturer, capacity or model.  These options remain standard for the stores that sell different as well as numerous parts.  Therefore, it becomes essential to enhance the functionality of the site by making it more user-friendly.  Additionally, the part finder works extremely well with layered navigation and improved navigation of the standard Magento.

When questioned about how the extension could help the store owners, the spokesperson for the company, Mr. Yogesh Trivedi replied, "If you have a business that sells numerous products that come in with different characteristics, our extension will help your customers find the product easily with the particular specifications in minimum time.  There are different drop down options you could give for the specifications in terms of model, year, making etc.  It gives you a wonderful opportunity to incorporate the advanced search option that would definitely work well for your business."

He further added, "It would entice the customers into finding the parts they have been searching for very easily when they put in details like the year-make-model or any other product filters on the website. Our main aim is to cut down on the time it would take for your customers to locate the product easily amidst a whole lot of products. Those products that are filtered appear as results once the options have been selected from the extension."

The main idea behind arriving at this extension is to save on the customer’s time while searching for a specific product. M-Connect’s part finder is an ideal solution for any Magento 2 store that has a gamut range of products that can be searched for by the product specifications and even the manufacturer.

The part finder extension could be displayed on any of the store pages.  One could also create different filters to add as many value options as one can. The customer could customize the filters to display on the storefront.  The extension would display the options in the drop down either in the descending order or in the ascending order.

The options in the part finder and their sequence can be shuffled or changed by dragging and dropping the specific functionality.  The extension also facilitates the storeowner to either add or even remove a specific field from the already existing list while simultaneously facilitating to create and display a new part finder basing on the requirement of the store.

This Part Finder Extension is found to be ideal for industrial suppliers, manufacturers and those stores that are selling spare parts or similar products wherein they can let their customers find the required products very easily with the help of filters.

For instance, the filters could be year, make and model of the product for the automotive industry. The filters could be brand, color and material for the accessories industry. There could also be a horizontal filter in the line of type, manufacturer and model too as a part of the drop down selection. The extension helps the prospective customer get a good product searching experience and from that an overall good shopping experience.

M-Connect Media hosts a team of Magento Certified Developers who come up with perfect solutions to a myriad range of problems that business owners having a Magento website would face.

For more information on Part Finder extension, log on to https://www.mconnectmedia.com/product-part-finder-extension-m2.html.

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