Customer Specific Product Extension for Magento Expands Options to Capture Sales From the Targeted Audience

Revolutionizing customer experiences with upgraded customer specific Magento extension, M-Connect Media has now made it possible for Magento web shop owners to focus on targeting customers with specified products.

Customer specific product extension for Magento

M-Connect Media, an eCommerce development company, has recently completed an upgrade to the older version of customer specific products extension for Magento. The company is the first to have developed this type of extension for Magento, which provides admins control of the visibility of specific products, specific categories and specific customer groups. Once the extension is utilized, shop owners will be able to customize their stores, products, and categories, and better capture leads from their targeted audience.

With this new extension an admin can directly select the category name to restrict it for some customers right from the drop down menu instead of the older version where an admin needed to first find out the category ID and then add it to the list. In addition, an admin can select the option from the drop down of the URL, which the customer should be redirected to after logging in to their accounts. The admin can also customize the message that appears on the log-in page.

In this competitive era, you need to offer services or products which people strive for, on the eCommerce store. You should have a solution to their problem or an answer to their question. So, the key to success can be, being customer focused and user-friendly.

Yogesh Trivedi

eCommerce Business Consultant

Further, this new extension allows admins to both show and restrict products to customer groups as well as show some products or specific category only to the customers who have logged into their accounts. In addition, the extension allows access to specific products by specific groups of users.

“After we launched this extension back in 2013, there was a boon in extension downloads by the e-shop owners,” says Yogesh Trivedi, eCommerce Business Consultant of M-Connect Media. “After installing the extension in their online stores, users really appreciated the extension and also provided feedback of other features that would be helpful to them. So to enhance the performance of the extension as well as the websites of our clients, we upgraded this extension. We have added particular features that will help our clients increase their sales growth and ROI.”

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M-Connect Media develops a simpler yet attractive website and also support the clients in improving the performance of their website, installation and managing backend. 1k+ happy clients, completed 1200+ projects, developed 70+ Magento extensions.

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