Lynk Organisation Gathers for Mission 50 Meeting

Entrepreneurs from the community within Lynk Organisation gathered October 18 and 19 to share ideas and celebrate their success at the Mission 50 meeting held at Tewkesbury Park, Gloucestershire.

Joe A., Mission 50’s Owner, described the ample opportunities independent contractors had to network and meet other successful people who are at different stages in furthering their own business ventures. The event was a mixture of forming connections and acknowledging each other’s achievements.

According to Joe, Mission 50 is a key part of the Lynk Organisation learning philosophy. He noted that there are many resources available for contractors to take advantage of and discover the ins-and-outs of creating a powerful on-the-ground presence. During meetings like this, those new to the industry can learn from more experienced leaders, which is essential for anyone who seeks to become an expert in customer acquisitions. The best of the best were present and happy to share their own stories and challenges as they moved forward with their enterprises. 

What’s more, there was a lot of learning and planning incorporated into this event, as everyone who attended set goals to finish up 2019 on a strong note.

Of course, one thing new business owners often fail to do is take time to celebrate their wins. Mission 50 was a perfect venue for them to step back and realise how far they’ve come. Everyone there took stock of their accomplishments and shared some heartfelt applause, which will continue to inspire them going forward. 

Lynk Organisation’s Owner on Why Networking Matters for Entrepreneurs

As the community at Lynk Organisation continues to grow, Joe noted that it is extremely important for entrepreneurs to continue to connect with others who are following similar professional journeys. First, these types of relationships become quite valuable, as these individuals develop into full-fledged business owners to whom others can turn and with whom they can discuss strategies and gain help along the way.

Learning from industry leaders has a profound impact on any independent contractor’s long-term success. For someone starting out, it’s vital to have mentors who have already experienced some of the challenges newcomers faces. They can help them navigate through these obstacles so they are able to thrive. These coaches can also demonstrate the skills needed to excel, such as setting visions and goals, staying focused, as well as tricks of the trade.

Overall, Joe believes that Mission 50 and other events like it in the future will energise this Lynk Organisation community, which breeds more achievement for all.

About Lynk Organisation: 
Lynk Organisation is laser focussed on revenue growth through effective customer acquisitions. The network of experts is filled with people who know how to connect businesses with new markets to aid their growth. They generate results like heightened awareness, conversion rates, and bottom-line returns. The outstanding outcomes they foster far outdo anything outdated methods can produce. This community of young professionals flourishes because they learn the ins and outs of growth-focussed outreach solutions from one another. This is a supportive atmosphere through which people can hone their talents and stretch their potential. Expect results from an action-oriented community. Learn more by visiting 

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