Luxury Jeweler Lark & Berry Makes Fashion History as First Cultured Diamonds Worn at a Met Gala

Oscar-winning actress Regina King and star-on-the-rise actress Lana Condor stunned at the 2019 Met Ball wearing industry disrupting Lark & Berry cultured diamonds.

On Monday night, May 6 at NYC’s 2019 Met Gala, this year’s Oscar-winning actress Regina King and up-and-coming star Lana Condor helped Lark & Berry make diamond history for being the first cultured diamonds jewelry brand to ever be worn at the annual event.

2019 Best Actress Oscar winner star Regina King, styled by Wayman+Micah, proudly graced the red carpet decked out in ten Lark & Berry cultured diamond pieces, including the brand’s Veto, Nocturnal and Dune Collections.

X-Men: Apocalypse star Lana Condor, styled by Jessica Paster, was also wearing her own Lark & Berry cultured diamond earrings from the new, signature Bow Collection.

“Our new Bow suite has a special place in the Lark & Berry collection, and we are so proud to have it be part of the prestigious Met Gala this year,” says founder Laura Chavez.

The Bow Collection, designed by Lark & Berry, was subject to some controversy earlier this year, when it won its craftsman the British “Oscars of Jewelry,” judged by 21 industry-leading diamond experts. The prize was short lived due to what Lark & Berry believe was a failure on the judges’ part to identify the Bow Collection’s diamonds as cultured. Lark & Berry founder Laura Chavez commented on the brand’s blog that the awards council’s reversed decision proves “there is no difference between cultured and mined diamonds, except that of sourcing.”

Made in a laboratory-controlled environment which mimics the process of diamond formation deep in Earth's mantle, Lark & Berry's cultured diamonds sit within the purest category of diamonds on the market. The process leads to less waste, less water loss and less impact on the environment. The stones are also conflict-free, since no mining and associated exploitation of local communities takes place.

Lark & Berry's collections are delicate yet bold, classic and playful. Design is at the core of the brand. Prices range from $200 (14K gold collections) and $2,000+ for fine jewelery in 18K gold and platinum.

Lark & Berry’s has a flagship in London, a by appointment space in Hong Kong and is eying new locations in NYC and LA. 


Source: Lark & Berry


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