Cultured Diamond Jeweler Lark & Berry Teams With One Tree Planted to Save the Environment - Five Trees at a Time

Lark & Berry expands efforts in sustainability to promote reforestation.

Gold Jewelry made with Cultured Diamonds

Beginning immediately, Lark & Berry, the world's first fine fashion jeweler exclusively using cultured diamonds (also known as lab grown diamonds), will donate five trees to be planted per purchase made.

Lark & Berry's charitable mission is made possible through a partnership with U.S. based One Tree Planted, a leading nature-aiding non-profit since its inception in 2014. One Tree Planted will match each Lark & Berry item sale, whether by online purchase or from their Marylebone, London brick-and-mortar, with the planting of five trees in different continents, including Africa, where the devastating effects of diamond-mining have hit hardest.

"Diamond mining has taken an enormous toll on environments around the world, nowhere more than Africa," said Lark & Berry founder Laura Chavez. "We're talking huge, permanent holes dug into the earth, polluted ground waters, wildlife displacement — the list goes on. One Tree Planted shares our concerns for Earth's future and is thrilled by the opportunity to help us help our planet by planting fresh trees."

A visit to the "Tree Facts" section of the One Tree Planted website reveals alarming realities:

"80% of the world's forests are already destroyed."

"70% of the world's plants and animals live in forests and are losing their habitats to deforestation."

"The removal of trees without sufficient reforestation has had adverse impacts on bio-sequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide, along with damage to habitat, biodiversity loss, and aridity."

"If forests are destroyed through logging or burning, their carbon is released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, a climate-changing greenhouse gas."

"Our Lark & Berry customers already aware of our partnership with One Tree Planted are positively thrilled," says Chavez, "and it's imperative Lark & Berry gets the word out regarding our eco-efforts to as many as we can, so that others may join in our mission. We believe wholeheartedly in sustainability—in every possible avenue."

"I started a cultured-diamond luxury jewelry brand to make a change; to disrupt the century-old and ongoing damage the diamond-mining industry has done by creating safer, fairer-priced and superior diamond jewelry. We always want Lark & Berry to shine different, and disruption isn't always enough. We are taking a further step in helping sustain our planet by sharing the benefits of our product sales to aid reforestation—5 trees at a time."

Made in a laboratory-controlled environment which mimics the process of diamond formation deep in the Earth's mantle, Lark & Berry's cultured diamonds sit within the purest category of diamonds on the market, with only two percent of their mined counterparts having the same superior quality. The process leads to less waste, less water loss and less impact on the environment. The stones are also conflict-free since no mining and associated exploitation of local communities takes place.

Lark & Berry's precious metal collections set with cultured diamonds—perhaps better known as lab created diamonds—are delicate yet bold, classic and playful. Lark & Berry's artfully crafted pieces combine the shimmering brilliance of diamonds with covetable design. Design is at the core of the brand along with sustainability and exceptional quality a given. Prices range from $200 for the demi-fine 14K gold collections and $3,000 to $100,000 for fine jewelry and wedding collections in 18K gold and platinum.

About the founder: Laura Chavez has undergraduate degrees in economics and managerial studies from Rice University in Houston, Texas and an MBA from London Business School.

Lark & Berry is eyeing new locations in Hong Kong and New York City. Their flagship brick-and-mortar store, which features in-house gold and diamond stud-luxury piercing and an art studio is located at: 52a George St, Marylebone, London W1U 7EA, UK.

Fans of the brand are invited to join the conversation on social media using @larkandberry #diamonddisruptors #shinedifferent

The Lark & Berry online store, which ships worldwide can be found at:


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