Lunya Enters Men's Sleepwear Market With Launch of Functional Men's Brand Lahgo

​​​​Lunya, the industry founders of luxury sleepwear, today announced the launch of their counterpart company, Lahgo. A brand built to fill a gap in the men’s sleepwear market, Lahgo is a functional sleepwear line for the modern man, designed to promote comfort and of course, sleep. 

After years of preparation and building demand, Lahgo was born. Lahgo aims to connect with men by making them to feel confident and comfortable in their off-hours. 

“What’s fascinating is that on our journey to make the world a better place through empowerment, innovation, and comfort, we realized that we were leaving out some very important people… men,” says Ashley Merrill, founder and CEO of Lahgo. “Men have been coming to us in droves asking about comfortable sleepwear and loungewear and we’re excited to announce that we’re ready to over-deliver!” 

With a focus on function, Lahgo is built with an ideal blend of smart and natural fibers, all the way down to solid and thoughtful construction that holds up to both wear and washings. The innovative fabrics that drive the line include: 

Organic Pima: breathable, hypo-allergenic, with thoughtful seam details that highlight form without chafing. The fabric is incredibly soft and organic, meeting GOTSC (Global Organic Textile Standard Certification) requirements, great for sensitive skin.

Cool Pima: using TransDRY(™) and XT2 technology, this collection helps provide cooler and dryer sleep. The natural fiber fabric cools through a special knit that dissipates sweat and antimicrobial silver, which helps stop odor by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi that consumes sweat and causes odors.

Restore Pima: soft and breathable, Pima cotton is infused with Celliant® minerals, this proprietary mineral mix is regulated by the FDA and works to absorb and convert body heat into infrared energy, which is then recycled back into the skin and tissue, Celliant® fabric increases oxygen levels and circulation, allowing cells to regenerate faster, making it the perfect follow up for a tough workout. 

Supportive Modal: this deliciously soft and supportive modal cotton moves with the body like a second skin. Made from extra strong smooth fibers, the garments are pill-resistant while being unbelievably soft and breathable.

Warm Layers: provides excellent insulation, is soft, lightweight, and is often mistaken for cashmere. Even though Alpaca wool fibers are fine, lightweight, this luxury fiber has great strength and durability and is less likely to pill. It is also thermoregulating, and more sustainably sourced than many of the other sweater knits making it the perfect cozy winter fiber.

“Men have generally been left out of the conversation of balance and wellness,” says Merrill. “As I was in R&D for Lahgo, I asked my husband, a fellow entrepreneur, if he’s ever asked how he balances it all? He never had been, yet I find myself being asked often. We essentially have no expectation of balance for men, and Lahgo aims to welcome men into the home and into the balance conversation, inviting them to lean in and take full advantage of their off-hours.”

Lahgo and Lunya aim to make an impact as mission-led companies, empowering men and women to feel like their best selves… inside. 

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