Lukos Announces Launch of the Ultimate 32:9 Ultra-wide Portable 4K Monitor

HD display experts, Lukos recently announced the Kickstarter launch of its latest next-gen ultra-wide 4K monitor. Fully customizable and packed with features such as PBP, maximum viewing angles and perfect color uniformity, Lukos offers limitless desktop potential for entertainment and productivity and is available now. Learn more here:

Lukos is an advanced monitor for entertainment and productivity with 4K HD display that utilizes an ultra-wide field of view to achieve the immersive gaming experience that normal screens cannot. Lukos is built around an advanced IPS panel that produces higher display quality, faster response times, better color contrast, higher color accuracy and better screen uniformity than typical displays. This 4K screen provides the clearest, most vivid visuals to deliver iMax-style 4K cinematic viewing for movies and other video content. Built with affordability and portability in mind, Lukos is one of the smallest 4K displays on the market. Its portable design lets users work, watch movies or play games whenever and wherever they want.

"4K displays represent the latest in high-definition technology that enhances the experience of working apps, games and video. Our goal with Lukos was to not only create a stunning 4K display but make it lightweight and portable enough that users could enjoy incredible visual quality at home, in the office or on the go. The 14-inch screen is the perfect size for portability and productivity yet large enough to provide an immersive gaming experience. With Lukos, you can do more anywhere you choose," said Leo Liu, Lukos, CEO.

Featuring a 32:9 ultra-wide screen with maximum viewing angles, Lukos is perfect for gaming. With IPS panel, 2ms response and 60Hz refresh rate, objects are rendered clearly, enabling smoother video playback and almost surreal visual fluidity. With Lukos, users can realize stunning visuals and gain a competitive edge for gaming. But Lukos isn't just fun and games — it's loaded with essential features that make it the perfect do-it-all 4K monitor. It is powered by an ultra-high bandwidth processor that can display four 4K split-screen signals simultaneously to boost productivity while multitasking. It can be rotated into a vertical orientation that is perfect for books, social media and coding, and it has an integrated protective cover that acts as a screen protector when not in use while allowing for multiple screen-angle adjustments for perfect viewing in any situation.

Created with versatility in mind, Lukos seamlessly connects four devices simultaneously with three HDMI, two DP 1.4, one DP 1.2, and one USB Type-C. It can be easily connected with PC, laptop, Mac, Smartphone, Switch, Playstation, Xbox, and other devices. It also features a remote control for convenient operation.

Lukos, The Ultimate 32:9 Ultra-wide 4K Monitor gives users the optimal choice for productivity, gaming and cinematic entertainment. Lukos is available now on Kickstarter with special deals and discounts for early adopters. Learn more here:

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