Loveland Municipal Courts are Improving Office Efficiency and Streamlining Day-to-Day Operations with the Successful Launch of equivant's JWorks Case Management Solution


equivant, an industry leader in intelligent case management solutions (CMS) for courts, prosecutors, probation, and other related justice agencies, announced today that the Loveland (CO) Municipal Court has successfully launched JWorks, a next-generation case management system. Implementing JWorks gives Loveland an integrated caseflow management engine streamlining day-to-day operations and boosting office efficiency.

"The successful implementation of the JWorks case management system has enhanced the operations of the Loveland Municipal Court and is a benefit to court staff and defendants.  For a court to function efficiently and effectively, it is vital to have modern justice solutions. JWorks delivers a robust, flexible case management system that boosts efficiency and streamlines operations, and we look forward to the continued benefit that the JWorks case management system provides to our staff, defendants, and the City of Loveland community," says Patty Parker, Court Administrator of Loveland Municipal Court.

In addition to efficiency gains for the Loveland Municipal Court, the JWorks solution includes simple, user-friendly access to justice for citizens and other agencies through its online services.

JWorks is easily administered, tailoring the various workflows and automating key processes to help an office keep cases moving and focus on their job. An agency can route work, trigger the next steps in a process, generate forms, request data, and more while improving efficiency and effectively removing bottlenecks. The entire community will benefit from the responsive design of JWorks, which provides staff and citizens with anywhere, anytime access compatible with any browser-based device (computers, tablets, and phones). JWorks' user interface layout adapts to all different display sizes. It is the only product on the market built for configurability, mobility, and accessibility - not as an afterthought but from the inception of its design.

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