Lake County (OH) Probate Court Simplifies Justice With the Successful Implementation of equivant’s JWorks CMS and Enterprise Content Management System

equivant announced today that Lake County Probate Court successfully implemented JWorks — equivant’s flagship CMS — and the equivant Enterprise Content Management System.  

“Go-live is challenging. There is so much time and effort that goes into organizing and preparing to start a new case management system. Fortunately, we have had a great team that got us where we needed to be in order to get JWorks operating and functioning. This includes everyone from the Judge of the Lake County Probate Court, the deputy clerks and the deputy clerks who took on superuser roles, members of the Court’s IT Departments, and the team members from equivant,” said Christine Gibaldi, Court Administrator and Chief Deputy Clerk to Judge Mark K. Bartolotta at Lake County Probate Court. “With the support of all these people, our go-live went smoothly. Systems were set up quickly, any issues found were resolved timely, and business went as usual with minimal delay. Having JWorks now in place, the Probate Court is truly looking forward to seeing this system evolve and expand to fit the needs of our staff and all of those who come before the Court.” 

JWorks is a fully tailorable solution built for the modern court. Justice Agencies can automate all clerk and court operations without hardcoded features that obstruct business processes, freeing up time and allowing court officials to zero in on the most important tasks. JWorks was built to be configurable, mobile, and accessible while adapting to the evolving needs of court systems. 

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About equivant: 

equivant delivers innovative solutions to simplify justice by boosting efficiency, streamlining processes, and improving communication in courts and justice agencies. Over a span of four decades, equivant’s deep domain knowledge and modern technologies developed by expert practitioners have supported more than 350+ justice agency customers in serving their communities efficiently, effectively, and equitably. 

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