Love Conquers COVID-19: Surrogacy-Born Baby Gives Hope to Grandfather & Gay Dads, Who All Survive COVID

Gestational surrogacy gives hope in today's COVID world.

Grandfather & surrobaby Emilia

​This is a surrogacy story of three generations who survived COVID19. It starts with a grandfather who was in the ICU and on a ventilator for three weeks in New York City at the height of the global pandemic. Being in his mid-80s, the odds were against him. After all, only 20% of those on ventilators due to COVID survive. He was fighting for his life, literally. His son and son-in-law, intended parents who had welcomed their baby girl, Emilia, into the world after their surrogacy journey, were also sick with COVID-19. These dads lost their sense of taste and smell and were very sick at home for two weeks. They recovered but remained very worried about Emilia’s grandfather, or “Poppy”, as she now calls him. Meanwhile, their 18-month-old daughter, who was born via gestational surrogacy with the help of an amazing woman who became a surrogate with surrogacy agency Creative Family Connections, also became ill with COVID-19. Happily, she recovered in just a few days’ time.

Poppy managed to beat the odds, made a full recovery, and was one of the lucky ones who was discharged, returning safely home. Poppy said that it was the image of his granddaughter, Emilia, and his fervent wish to see her again, to watch her grow and turn two years old, that kept him fighting for his life. Love truly does conquer all. Sometimes, it even conquers COVID.

When Creative Family Connections owner and founder Diane Hinson reached back out to Emilia’s dads to see how Poppy was doing, she was overjoyed to hear the happy news. She reflected and shared, “I am used to helping create lives. This gave me a glimpse of what it feels like to play a small role in helping to save a life. It feels amazing! If I feel like this, I can only imagine how our first-defender doctors and nurses must feel as they save life after life in the battle against COVID."

Not everyone has been so fortunate as to have such a happy outcome. The Creative Family Connections team has experienced loss and seen loss through our gestational surrogates and intended parents. We wish everyone all the support and love imaginable during these extremely challenging times.

Here at Creative Family Connections, we are proud to witness, first-hand, the love and hope that surrogacy brings to surrogates, parents -- and grandparents -- in the COVID-19 world in which we live. This hope enables us to keep helping mothers become surrogates and people become parents ... because everyone can build a family.

Gestational surrogacy with surrogate compensation will become legal in New York when the new statute takes effect February 15, 2021.

Source: Creative Family Connections

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