Lottopia App Will Provide Winning Lottery Analytics

Lottopia App Analytics Reveals Winning Lottery Patterns

Lottopia has announced version 2.0 of its new lottery games utility and analytics app. The impending update looks to streamline the user experience of engaging with their favorite national lottery games, Powerball and Mega Millions. It also looks to provide users with in-depth analytic reports that reveal notable number patterns in the lottery games data.

A player’s odds of hitting the Powerball jackpot sits at roughly 1 in 292 million. Despite this, scores of players are hoping to win the top prize, currently valued at $163 million. Many find themselves disheartened by the high odds against them. Enter Brain Contents Inc.’s new app, Lottopia. The company is looking to fill that niche by proposing to help regular players make “smarter” choices for their numbers.

They're using lucky dates or fortune cookie numbers. Unfortunately, when it comes to the odds, these don't get you very far.

Wonho Park, CEO, Brain Contents Inc.

But is it actually possible for gamers to raise their chances of winning? Wonho Park, CEO of Brain Contents Inc., certainly seems to think so. He believes most people choose their lottery numbers in a very inefficient manner. “They’re using lucky dates or fortune cookie numbers. Unfortunately, when it comes to the odds, these don’t get you very far,” he says.

The app runs on a special algorithm that analyzes every historical draw. Its algorithm then narrows down combinations based on any discernible patterns of note. It’s worked to great effect too. Since record keeping began last year, they purport it is possible to cut down the odds around 265%. That means players will have a 1 in 111 million chance (as opposed to 292 million) by using their smart combos - or Lottopicks.

“Our system analyzes the game’s draws; what went hot, what went cold. By studying this history, we can surmise what numbers and patterns perform well,” he said. “It removes all the guesswork in choosing numbers.” Players can go "Premium" to use the Lottopick feature and have numbers chosen for them based on best practices.

Others may prefer choosing the numbers themselves. Lottopia provides updated analytic reports after every draw. These are for more proactive players who intend to study the data. “For people who want to know more about the patterns we’re looking at, our reports provide the ratio of odds and evens, highs and lows, streaks, and much more,” he says.

To date, Lottopia has predicted combinations for over $658 million, for Powerball alone, in estimated prize money. The app also has more utilitarian functions to ease ticket management and help players check results.

The app is currently available for iOS and Android.


Source: Brain Contents Inc

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