Lottery App's Smart Numbers Score Big Wins

What if there was a way to choose lottery combinations based on "best practices"?

Lottopia - Winners Use Science!

Brain Contents Inc., the company behind Lottopia, indicate common trends of lottery players. Many players use birthdays to select their numbers. These combinations often forego numbers above 31, statistically lowering their odds for success. On the other hand, observations have revealed an interesting historical trend; the first Powerball number has a 91.6% chance of being 27 or less. By using an algorithm that notes these observed trends, a new app called Lottopia is creating Lottopicks - smart combos that have a higher chance for success than random choice.

Mega Millions and Powerball held their respective draws on August 14 and 18. The draws yielded good results for Lottopia. Their pre-generated pools of Lottopicks contained Jackpot combinations for both games.

The Powerball jackpot now sits at $60 million but was worth $50 million at the time of the draw. Lottopia struck the winning combination from a pool of 7 million combinations. To date, this has been the app's 6th Powerball jackpot combination. The Mega Millions jackpot, now worth $118 million, was worth $75 million at the time of the draw. The winning combo was Lottopia's first successful Mega Millions pick.

American lotto players are looking for any edge they can get against what are considered abysmal odds. Lottopia's new app streamlines number management. Users may log their ticket numbers and receive updated results and values. Analytics on historical data are also updated after every draw.

The app generates its Lottopicks based on lottery draw data. Its system identifies numbers that perform "better-than-random" by examining historical draws. The app's algorithm then filters these numbers and identifies "hot and cold" patterns that have made significant historical appearances. The advanced system has been used to great success in South Korea's national lottery, having scored 86 jackpot prizes with its numbers.

The Lottopia app is now available for download on iOS and Android.

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Source: Brain Contents Inc.

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