LOOPBAG: The Most Functional Bag Now Available on Kickstarter

LOOPSETTER introduces LOOPBAG, the bag that caters to the everyday man through its versatile form and usability

Backpack, Messenger, Duffel

LOOPBAG, the perfectly crafted bag designed for the modern man, is now available on Kickstarter. With its interchangeability, LOOPBAG can function as a backpack, messenger bag and duffel bag, making it adaptable to any occasion. LOOPBAG eliminates the hassle of carrying multiple of bags and is ideal for short business trips, vacations and daily life. Through its versatile nature and intricate design, LOOPBAG sets the standard for convenience and style.

“We created LOOPBAG by replicating the distinct functions of different types of bags and packing them into one sleek, simple bag,” said CEO Hyuntae Roh.

We created LOOPBAG by replicating the distinct functions of different types of bags and packing them into one sleek, simple bag.

Hyuntae Roh, CEO and Founder

LOOPBAG’s straps can be pulled out or hidden to transform the bag into the desired form. In addition, each bag has its own respective features that offer users unique functions. LOOPBAG’s tremendous storage capacity, customizable compartment, bag extension, side strap storage and card pocket can accommodate the user’s needs and daily patterns.

LOOPBAG is available in two appealing shades: Jet Black and Courtesy Grey. All of LOOPBAG’s fabric, fittings and zippers are 100 percent produced in South Korea. To achieve premium quality and durability, LOOPBAG is manufactured through X-shaped processing and reciprocating stitch lines, rather than traditional sewing methods.

LOOPBAG’s features include:

  • Hidden Straps: Two available straps to hide or take out for convenient rearrangement
  • Customized Compartment: Organizable dividers to store various small and large items  
  • Backpack Extension: Enlargement of backpack storage capacity of up to 40 liters
  • Side Storage: Straps located on the sides of the bag to secure long items
  • Anti-Theft: Triple-layer fabric and integrated locks to protect belongings
  • Waterproof: Repels moisture when in contact with water

Pre-order of LOOPBAG is now available through the product’s Kickstarter page (http://kck.st/2jQt3GU), and it is a consumer-ready product with positive reviews. During the campaign, LOOPBAG can be purchased for $169 USD as the Early Bird price and $179 as the Regular Kickstarter price. When the campaign funding goal is achieved, the company anticipates manufacturing and delivery to be complete in April of 2018.


LOOPSETTER is a California-based startup developing premium products for everyday people. The products are designed and developed in Newport Beach, California, and are manufactured in Seoul, Korea. LOOPSETTER’s team of experts and engineers are fully dedicated to the slogan, “Form follows function,” as they aspire to make the highest-quality bags for convenience and usability. More information can be found at their website: http://loopsetter.com.


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