Looking for Donor Conceived Adult Canadians to Join Fertility Advisors on Parliament Hill

Fertility Advisors is looking for donor-conceived Canadians, over the age of 18, to join us on our Day On The Hill.

Fertility Advisors is looking for donor-conceived Canadians, over the age of 18, to join us on our Day On The Hill.

Fertility Advisors, with the support of lawyers, doctors, surrogates, and other industry professionals, have been working diligently to update the laws regarding surrogacy and gamete donation in Canada. With two previous Parliament Hill conferences, our goal is to encourage comfortable legal framework by supporting decriminalization of Canadian surrogacy and gamete donation.

Along with decriminalization, Fertility Advisors are encouraging Health Canada to update their lack of information available to gamete-donor born children and those interested in gamete donation. Including a Canadian sibling registry that would provide donor born children with access to first-degree genetic information.

On the essentialness of these improvements CEO of Fertility Consultants, Leia Swanberg, has said, “We hope that Health Canada will focus its resources on creating a database to connect those who were conceived using the same gametes. As well as creating this database, resources, and information for those interested in donation, including gamete donation health risks, statistics, and topic education, would be a valuable addition to society.”

“Section 5 of the Assisted Human Reproduction Act bans payments to surrogates or the purchasing of donor eggs or sperm as prohibited activities. The act also lays out possible sentences of between four to 10 years imprisonment or a maximum of $250,000 or $500,000 for a person found guilty of violating those sections. However, surrogacy has been receiving increased attention in recent years as more Canadians seek out non-traditional methods of having a child, such as same-sex couples or individuals who struggle with infertility.” (Connolly, 2018)

Prime Minister Trudeau has also called for a conversation on sperm and egg donor payments to be had, along with MP Anthony Housefather’s private member’s bill, sparking national interest in gamete donation and surrogacy decriminalization.

During this time, Fertility Advisors are looking for adult children of gamete donors to come join Fertility Advisors at Parliament Hill on May 29, 2018, to provide input and act as a front-line voice on the topic. Please contact Marketing@FertilityAdvisors.ca.

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